No Air!

3 Oct

Do you ever feel so busy that you almost can’t breath?  Me too!  I make my lists and start checking off the boxes, but I think that I need to include “Take a breath” with a check mark next to it.   All of the roles that women have today can leave us breathless.  Thats when we pick up the phone, call a girlfriend, and vent/cry/giggle.  Who needs therapy when we are surrounded by great friends?  Problem is, I forget to reach out.  Maybe I need to put “Call Jen” on the to do list next to “make dentist appointment”.  Life gets heavy, and life gets busy.   At the times when I most need to call my girlfriends up to get these things off my mind and heart, I simply get too caught up to do so.  I lose my breath.  But lets face it.  We need to call each other!  It feels so good to finally look past my to do list and hop on the phone with a friend, regardless of who initiated the phone call.  I love when my friends call me, and I love to call my friends.  I just need to get past the fact that it isn’t “accomplishing a task”, like cooking a meal or tossing a load of laundry in.   My friends are my Playtex 18 hour bra…full support!  Reaching out to a friend strengthens me, rejuvenates me, and reminds me of the strong woman that I am.  It also seems to return my breath to me.  I breath easier after chatting with a friend.  Now please excuse me while I grab that phone…

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