Time Flies!

12 Oct

Holy cow…how time flies.   Are the Halloween costumes already clogging the aisles at my local Walmart?  Just look at all those bags of spider rings, candy corn, and gourds.   Whew.  I guess on that note it is important to ponder how time is spent.  I think I want to get some personal value out of my house being spotless and my children being perfect.  Then I want to bonk myself over the head for such a silly thought!  Is that really time well spent?  Sure the house needs to be tidy and everyone needs clean undies, but the real value in time is being with loved ones.  In our hustle and bustle of everyday life, am I the only one that forgets that at times?  Walking to the mail box and chatting with the neighbor.  Meeting a friend for coffee. Doing community outreach and helping those that are struggling in these hard times.  That is the real value of time.  I need to remember to “clock out” if you will, and let “productivity” be measured in relationships, not in simple duties that can really wait until later.  Taking a somewhat dark turn, I reflect on being at funerals.  People eulogize, and I have never heard some one talk about “productivity”.  Reflections are about time spent together.  Laughs shared.  Moments with meaning being remembered.  Vacations.  Racquet ball games.  College antics.  (I remember being at a college reunion, and a bunch of us were at the same hotel.  We thought it was hilarious to steal the piano from one of the hotel party rooms.  Well…not steal, actually, just move and hide elsewhere on the premises).   These are the moments that are to be cherished, and these moments need to be enjoyed every day.  When I lay in bed at night, I want to happily drift off to sleep thinking about being with people and the relationships that I built that day.  I refuse to lay there and pat myself on the back for vacuuming or making a gourmet meal for my kids.  I want to bask in the warmth of my friendships!  No wonder we say that we “build relationships”.  That is where life’s real productivity lies!  And in that also lies Wellness!

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