Sunny and Share

16 Oct

I love the sun!  I am a true Leo.  When it is sunny, I am happy for sure!  Sunny days bring delicious sweet fruit.  Wellness is so important to me and getting fruit into my diet is part of my day.  When the supermarket produce section lacks the bounty of beautiful summer fruits, I grab frozen fruits.  Nothing replaces the sweetness of a fresh peach, but frozen fruits are still a good choice.  The problem with the frozen fruit is that sometimes the texture can be a bit mushy when they defrost.  The perfect solution is to make a smoothie.  I grab some yogurt, milk, frozen fruit, (bananas, by the way, can go into the freezer when they start to turn and you don’t have time to make banana bread) and my stick blender.  I just plop all that into a pitcher, and blend away.  Sometimes I add orange juice to my smoothie too.  It just depends on my mood and what I have on hand.  What is great about a smoothie is that it can work with soy products, rice milk, organic yogurt, and any kind of favorite fruit or fruit juice.  It is a totally personalized drink!  It can be a good way to get some fruit and protein in, and have something quick and refreshing.  And sunny!  Now its time to share!  My children love a smoothie any time of day.  There are times when I make smoothies in the evening, and surprise my children with one as we are doing our morning mad dash.  Sometimes it is the perfect after school snack.   We have even had a smoothie in the evening while having our favorite dinner…breakfast!  (Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner every now and again?)  So now that it is October, spend a little more time in the frozen food section of the market and grab a couple of bags of frozen fruit.  Don’t forget the yogurt and juice.  Then go home and make a sunny…and share!!

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