The tipping point…I am leaning…

21 Oct

We all have our tipping point.  I think we have a hard time admitting it, but come on girls, we tip (and I am not talking about butts or boobs. Unfortunately that is not my tipping point claim to fame…).  My tipping point may very well be the word yes.  Even when its in my own head, yes resounds!  Why is that, I often ponder as I am pulling my hair out …due to lack of time to wash it of course.  Why do I take so much on and put myself at that tipping point?  The funny thing is…the people and things I say yes to are not at the tipping point.  I bring them there.  Willingly.  It really isn’t fair to blame others for me being in over my head with my commitments or schedule when I have to own the yes.  Rats!  An imperfection highlighted!  Ouch!  Okay, enough pity.  I strictly limit my pity party time.  I put 5 minutes on the microwave timer, let the time run out,  and move on.  Wait a minute here!  That is the philosophy I need for that yes word!!  Set my microwave timer.  I will say yes only in that window of time.  This will reset my tipping point.  When I feel that tipping point dragging me over to one side, I am going to march over to my microwave, set that timer for 5 minutes, and sit back for 5 minutes of silence.  After that, when that word yes is threatening to tip me over, I am going to look at my timer with no time on it and, free of guilt, say no!  I might even go to Walmart and invest in a cheap timer to carry with me.  What a great out!  I feel myself standing straighter already!

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