I have to move!!

23 Oct

Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.
Will Rogers

Some days I just want to sit.  Some days I am just flat worn out.  Life can come at you hard sometimes.  I just buckle up, put my head down, and plod through!  I have to keep moving, especially when I just want to check out of the craziness for a minute.  That is when productivity really occurs.  I have to focus on my track, just like The Will Rogers quote.  It is easy to get off track sometimes because life throws curve balls.  But I have to keep waiting for the next pitch and keep swinging.  Thats how to keep healthy!  Keep the mind chugging away, even when temptation is telling me to sit and recover from the curve ball.  I can’t just sit here.  I put on my running clothes and get out there.  Once the run begins, once that Ipod is pulsing in my ears, I become powerful!  The feeling of wanting to sit and wallow in a bad moment or bad day wash  away. In addition to my awesome playlists, I also have inspirational sermons on my Ipod.  Some days, that can recharge my battery like nothing else.  I trick myself into getting my butt into athletic clothing, and maybe even lie to myself to get myself going.  Once I am out there, it feels good!   My muscles heat up, by breath deepens, my thoughts become more focused.  Sometimes I even shed a few tears on a good run.  I let it all hang out!  My thoughts return to my track, and I know that I am ready to move forward again. Thanks Will Rogers, for reminding me to keep moving!


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