Sunday night buzz kill!

25 Oct

The beginning of the weekend is ripe with opportunity.  My weekends are spent working, grocery shopping, studying, cleaning, socializing, and tackling the never ending laundry piles that three teenagers generate.  But Friday afternoons let me dream a little bit.  I think of other things, fun things, frivolous things, that can fill my weekend.  I love to think about getting cute cloths (that are stylish and actually fit well..) on, powdering my nose, and heading out for a drink or dinner with friends, amazing them with my well rested charming self.  What a laugh!  Friday nights bring exhaustion, a frozen pizza tossed into the oven, and an early bedtime (if I am lucky!).  Not what I fantasize about while sitting at work Friday!  This Saturday morning, however, brought a sweet surprise.  My teenage daughter wanted to take a brisk cardio walk with her old mom.  What a treasure of time.  Walking with my daughter on a crisp fall morning was healthy for our hearts and good for our souls!  We walked fast enough to raise the heart rate, and slow enough to chat.  She didn’t even seem to mind that my  running pants made me look like Bozo the clown.  We talked about everything,  like how the sun on our skin was generating healthy Vitamin D.  Cute boys in her school.  A bonfire that she was going to Saturday night.  An upcoming golf match for her school golf team.  My nutrition classes.  The upcoming holiday season.   It was a sweet treat to have these moments on Saturday to connect with one of my children in such a low key way.  Sunday morning coffee and paper reading are a cherished part of my weekend.  That first cup of piping hot coffee with the front page is truly delish.  But even that paled in comparison to my Saturday morning with my daughter.   By dinner time Sunday evening, the realization that the weekend is nearing an end can be a buzz kill!  The Friday afternoon fantasies of a well rested leisurely weekend come to a crashing end.  The work week looms.  Lunches for the children.  The final homework push is on.  Work reports to contemplate.  But this week that isn’t on my mind.  The wonderful memory of the time with my daughter propels me into the work week with a warm heart.  No Sunday night buzz kill this week!  Yahoo!

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