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Cook Big!

11 Nov

When I cook, when I really roll my sleeves up and dig into the kitchen and my recipes for the long haul, I cook big.  There is simply no reason to cook only one meal at time.  When cooking chicken, it is easy to toss a couple of extra pieces in the oven or on the grill to freeze and use later.  When making a sauce, it gets doubled  so the extra sauce can be used later.  Crazy days and intense schedules can be the norm some days.  Those are the days when pulling prepared food out of the freezer pays off.  And lets face it, kids are not going to go through any trouble to cook for themselves.  If it doesn’t bite them on the hand, they won’t fix it.  I joke with my teenage son that when he leaves for college, I only need to send a bowl and a spoon.  His favorite foods come from a can.  So I make it easy on them, and on myself.  I try to make time to cook up some staples during the week.  Sometimes during the evening when the children are tackling some homework, I can cook up some chicken or brown some ground beef, season it up, and put it in the freezer.  It is easy to pull out some chicken meat that has some taco seasoning on it, put it on a tortilla, add some cheese and peppers, and make a quesadilla.  Easy food and easy clean up!  It is important to me that “scratch made” food, which is healthier than grocery store prepared or fast food, is available for my family.  And believe me, when I get in the kitchen and start cooking, and those amazing smells waft about, I become the most popular mom around!  Nothing like being Queen in the kitchen!

Do any of my cloths fit??

9 Nov

Sometimes going into the closet is no F-U-N!  Some days, nothing fits.  Other days, who cares what I put on?  I am totally against wearing sweatpants, and have had the same pair since  1989. Hey, its not like you can grow out of them!  They just expand right along with me!  But man..some days I am so tempted to grab them and put them on.  Of course we cannot forget Mark Twain’s famous quote “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society“.  So dress we must!   We have all seen the fashionista’s that look great and are accessorized to the hilt.  I envy those people.  All that mixing of colors and patterns that actually match.  And then to really rub it in, they are accessorized in a way that makes them really look polished.  I am still trying to master the art of figuring out the difference between so called warm tones and cool tones.  What the heck?  No, my expertise lies in the kitchen and my pantry.  I can throw together a nutritious meal from scratch in no time.   My palate directs me, guides me.  Ingredients, spices, and recipes inspire me.  I can toss together a beautiful sauce with perfect harmony.  Colors, smells, textures in my pots and pans all speak to me, and I can interpret them perfectly.  A little more of this, a dash of that.  And I do all of this in my gloriously mismatched outfits.  How is it, I wonder, that I can match my vision and taste to pull together delicious and beautiful food, but can’t properly match my necklace to my shirt, or my shirt to my skirt?  My kitchen is filled with nuances to match every savory taste, every discerning palate, every detailed color, but my closet it a sea of plain solid boring neutrals and jewel tones.  I should be able to apply my detailed kitchen skills to my wardrobe skills, but I can’t seem to quite round the bases on that one.  I guess I will just keep cooking. Pass the sweat pants!

Beauty Shop Bonus

4 Nov

Getting to the beauty shop is tough!  I tend to wait until I look my worst before I call for an appointment.  Then I beg and try to appeal to the softer side of the receptionist to get me in ASAP.  That is followed by a wash of pure relief that she showed mercy on me and I don’t have to wait another month before seeing my therapist…..eerrr…uuhhh, I mean my beautician.  Well, that last statement isn’t all wrong.  Sitting at the beauty shop can be good therapy for the soul, and I am all about wellness!  There is just something so cathartic about having some one wash my hair, comb it, cut it, dry it and then admire it.  And who doesn’t feel 10 pounds lighter walking out of the beauty shop all fresh and lovely?  When its all so good, why do I wait so long to call?  I should have my calendar out and line my appointments up!  Procrastination is an ugly habit.  Next time I see my thera…..uummm beautician, I will figure this procrastination thing out!!