Beauty Shop Bonus

4 Nov

Getting to the beauty shop is tough!  I tend to wait until I look my worst before I call for an appointment.  Then I beg and try to appeal to the softer side of the receptionist to get me in ASAP.  That is followed by a wash of pure relief that she showed mercy on me and I don’t have to wait another month before seeing my therapist…..eerrr…uuhhh, I mean my beautician.  Well, that last statement isn’t all wrong.  Sitting at the beauty shop can be good therapy for the soul, and I am all about wellness!  There is just something so cathartic about having some one wash my hair, comb it, cut it, dry it and then admire it.  And who doesn’t feel 10 pounds lighter walking out of the beauty shop all fresh and lovely?  When its all so good, why do I wait so long to call?  I should have my calendar out and line my appointments up!  Procrastination is an ugly habit.  Next time I see my thera…..uummm beautician, I will figure this procrastination thing out!!

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