Asking for Help…the challenge!

5 Dec

This is a time of year when there are lots of moments one could panic about the shear volume of demands of a family to fit into the same 24 hour time frame of a “non holiday” month.  One of my children has an October birthday, and I have always felt that the birthday kicked our family into our holidays.  I work, am a mother, and a student pursuing a Masters in Nutrition.  That is a full plate!  Time management has to be the most profound issue I face daily.  So my motto, especially this time of year, is cook twice, clean once.  If I am going to cook, I am going to make enough to put stuff in the freezer, and that is especially important now.  In addition, I also enlist the help of the children quite a bit.  No one can sit at the table for a meal if they have not helped get that table set.  There isn’t much to setting the table, and it is basically the same every night. It is important to have this expectation of the family to help, and to encourage the children to live up to this expectation.  Placemats, glasses, plates, utensils, and some trivets if hot food is coming to the table.  Thats it.  Simple, and the contribution to a meal is huge.  As a mom, sometimes it is easy to just do things myself.  That is such a bad trap to fall into because it just stretches someone too thin, and that means you can’t be your best.  When there is time after school or dinner, it is time to fold laundry and put it away.  Every one needs to be involved!  Asking for help seems, at times, to be a learned skill.  It is a skill that is imperative though.  Some people may think that asking for help is a sign of weakness, and that can not be farther from the truth!  It is a strength.  Reaching out for help is humbling, and that is a sign of strength.  It can be done gently, and with humor.  Even an eye rolling at times with a request can illicit a healthy giggle from some one before they step up to help.  Go ahead…try it!  Practice.  It will get easier.  And it is empowering.  Feel the power of asking for help!

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