6 Dec

Dry mouth.  Ugh!  Everyone has had it, and it is the pits.  In the US, we tend not to keep ourselves properly hydrated.  We simply don’t drink enough water.  We always hear “drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day”.  That may be a good starting point as far as getting people understanding how much water a day is needed by our body, but it is not the whole story.  Food contains water and that contributes to our over all hydration.   Water from food can be counted in the “eight 8 ounce glasses” category.  Water, and foods that contain water such as many fruits, keep our mouth moist.  That is beneficial for many reasons.  But did you realize that you cannot taste anything unless saliva is present?  Pull your tongue out of your mouth and let it dry off.  Then put any food on it.  Spoil yourself…try an m & m.  A sweet piece of apple.  A cookie.  When the tongue is dry, there is no ability to taste the yummy treat sitting on it.  It is also difficult to figure out the difference between hunger and thirst when the mouth is dry.  That can lead a person to eat when a drink is really what the body is craving, and can lead to overeating.   It is important to all of the bodily systems to have enough hydration as well, any time of the year and in all climates.  The critical body systems need water to run their cells, their engines.  So make sure you are hydrated.  Pay attention to your saliva!  Don’t slap that lip balm on those dry lips, have some water!  Get that mouth good and wet.  Help those body systems run like they should.  A pitcher of water in the fridge is always easy to grab, and is so refreshing.  Try will feel better!

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