Balancing Act

20 Dec

I love to mix it up!  Snack mixes and dips have that all time balanced flavor burst that I just love!  There is nothing like balanced food on your palate.  Ask any foodie.  A nonfoodie will probably have the same sensation and just express it differently.  When food is properly balanced, it is a joy to the palate.  It can be something as simple as my all time favorite:  goldfish crackers and cashews.  That is one of my guilty pleasures of balance.  I am a sucker for the snack mixes at Whole Foods and Fresh Market.  I also mix up my own, and my children love it too.  A balance of sweet and salty is a big winner, and so easy to achieve.  It is as simple as tossing some raisins dried cranberries or carob chips in my goldfish/nut mix.  I am an afternoon snacker, and most days I like that snack to count in my “healthy” column.  But I don’t always quite get there.  Pita and hummus.  A bowl of raisin bran.  And some days, its a dip.  Another balanced pleasure of the taste buds.  I love to mix a little tuna with some chopped water chestnuts, green onion tops, and mayonnaise.  Add a little salt and pepper, toss it on a rice cake, and its a balance not only of flavor, but of texture.  The crisp rice cake balances the moist tuna, which is juxtaposed with the fresh crunch of the water chestnuts.  When I really want to go big with this, I toss on a slice of swiss cheese and put it under the broiler until bubbly.   That has a big yum factor!

Don’t get me wrong.  A beautiful piece of fish cooked to perfection with the right sauce and crispy veggies is an amazing taste sensation.  Especially with perfectly paired wine.  But there is a “munchie” factor that I crave.  I have always said that I could have every dinner at a cocktail party where there are dips galore!  No one cares when I float around the food, tossing a little of this and a dash of that on my cocktail plate.  After stopping to chat along the way, I sneak off to delicately, slowly, look, mix, and balance the foods and textures.  My palate is happy happy happy!!


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