Flannel Jammies

23 Dec

“Chanel No. 5.” -Marilyn Monroe when asked what she wore in bed.

Puleez!  This quote gives us flannel jammie loving women a bad name!   Growing up in the midwest gives a girl a great appreciation of flannel.  Winter days in the midwest are cold and gray.  There isn’t much warmth to be found.  The sun doesn’t shine for days at time.  The sky is dull, flat..  Snow piles up.  This is where comfort food comes in.  Long cold days give way to warm kitchens, savory smells, and cozy family time.  It feels so good to lean against a hot oven with delicious smells wafting from it, swirling around, causing an involuntary mouth watering reaction.  The promise of tasting something fresh out of the oven warms the insides instantly!

Flannel pj’s are second only to comfort food!  When the roads ice over in the evenings, and it hurts to take a breath in because your nose hairs freeze with each breath, spending the evening inside is the way to go.  When the sun sets early, the internal clocks ticks a person toward an early bedtime.  Grabbing a good book,  tossing on cozy flannels and heading to a bed piled high with wool blankets and a thick down comforter is too tempting to put off for long.  A satisfied tummy filled with midwestern comfort food makes heading to bed on a cold winter night almost decadent.  Flannel pajamas are a must in this case!  Tossing those pajamas in the dryer for a few minutes to warm them up makes it even more luxurious.  Marilyn Monroe had her Chanel No. 5, and the rest of us have our cozy jammies!

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