Highs and Lows

25 Dec

We all have them.  Highs…and lows.  They hit us at unexpected times.  Joy can turn up in the form of a friend at the door with an arm full of flowers.  The joy stemming from something like that sinks in and really lasts.  The heart really warms up when a friend extends selfless gifts.  These are ultimately gifts of love.  Sometimes the gifts are hard to accept, and it may even take practice to accept gifts with the intent in which they are given.  When such gifts are given, one must resist the temptation to immediately reciprocate.  That is not necessary when joyous gifts of love are given, but again, accepting that may take practice.  And it is worth the work.  So much happiness, and life’s “highs” can come from friends, from impromptu visits, from kind words spoken at just the right moment.  Learning to accept these allows the love to tumble over a person, creating a wonderful moment that can penetrate a being with positive energy.  It is important to not only accept them, but to create them as well.  It is easy to get wrapped up in our “lows” and let the good things fly by unnoticed.  Why is it easier, at times, to focus on the negative instead of the positive?  The year is ending.   It is a time to reflect.  Let the “highs” take us into the New Year, and leave the “lows” behind!  It takes practice, but the joy in doing so is immeasurable!

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