26 Dec

Leftovers aren’t for everyone.  Some folks turn their nose up at them.  But to those of us that grew up in a big family, leftovers were the holy grail!  After a big family dinner or holiday party, the leftovers were fabulous!  The next morning, it was a race to the fridge to dig through the tupperware and find some delicious tidbits from the night before!  That also seems to be the case for the next generation…my children love leftovers.  Truth be told, I still love them too.  My children usually beat me to the punch though.  There is nothing like getting some bread out, slathering it with mayonnaise,  slicing some leftover meatloaf, and having  a cold meatloaf sandwich!  Yum!  I have friends that do not relish the thought of leftovers.  I just cannot relate to that.  Many foods are better the next day.  After sitting in the refrigerator some flavors get better.  Being certified in sanitation means that food safety is always first and foremost when considering whether food goes into the garbage or the refrigerator.  When food does count as leftovers, I use clear plastic ware to store it in to make for easy choosing the next day!  My children also love leftovers for breakfast.  There is nothing wrong with leftover tuna noodle casserole for breakfast!  I have made creamed spinach for dinner and used the leftovers the next day as filling for a savory omelet.  Leftovers can certainly be reinvented into a wonderful new dish.  Or just use them as they are.   Easy!   There have been times when my leftovers pile up for a day or two and I can make an easy dinner from them.  I may have to add a fruit or a vegetable to balance the meal, but it is a quick meal on a busy night.  So don’t discount leftovers.  Being a busy mom, student, and employee, sometimes they are a downright lifesaver!

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