Live, Love, Laugh…especially laugh!

11 Jan

We should never approach our day without a good laugh.  Laughing is an absolute must in my household!  It feels good and it lightens the load.  There are so many ways to bring laughter into the household.  There is the old stand by from my youth, my book entitled  “101 Pickle Jokes”.  But with three teenagers in the house, that doesn’t always work anymore, even when I use my best phony voices and nonsensical accents.  Sometimes I am forced to resort to show tunes and my superior dance skills.  For some reason, singing show tunes usually seems to work.  When I sing “There Ain’t Nothin like a Dame” from South Pacific in my Tony the Tiger voice while dancing up and down the hallway, I always get a reaction.  At times, I even get a chorus line going.  Sometimes though, even if its some eye rolling, the children are laughing inside…aren’t they?  Thinking of my singing brings me to an appropriate quote:

The worst feature of a new baby is its mother’s singing.” –-Kin Hubbard

True for me.  I cannot hold a tune.  Being the product of a mother that sang professionally, I should be able to really belt out a tune.  But genes are a funny thing.  I couldn’t hold a tune even if it was in the palm of my hand!  The upside of this is that I seem to be the only one that doesn’t realize it.  To me, to my ear, I am on key.  Come to think of it, maybe its not me that is tone deaf…maybe it is the rest of my family!  Well, it may be the worst feature of a new baby, but my singing will always produce laughter in my household.

Any whoo, it is very important to have humor in the home for optimum health benefits.  Wellness means a well rounded life style.  Humor is a component of that, and one that we must never let pass!  Studies have shown, time and time again, how important laughter is to well being.  In fact, its healing!  So go ahead, tell a joke, sing some show tunes, and dance to music, even if it is self made (my boys think that the most hilarious form of music comes from their back sides while watching football…but I digress).  Laughter is a must for all families and for wellness.  And please remember the most important thing of all is to laugh at ourselves!  There is nothing wrong with being your own best audience.  If we can’t laugh at ourselves, if we can’t be silly, if we can’t get a good giggle going, then we are not at optimum health.  So go for it!  Laugh!  It feels so good!  It’s contagious, so start something!

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