Meatball Madness!

20 Jan

Okay, so I cheated tonight! Dinner was a breeze, and I don’t feel even the tiniest bit guilty. There. I said it. I made meatball sandwiches loaded with cheese. I made the sauce from scratch, tossed in frozen meatballs and heated that through. Frozen Trader Joe’s potato wedges went into the oven. I took out hogie rolls and sliced up some mozzarella cheese. Opened up a can of pears. Made the sandwiches, put sliced cheese on them, and tossed them under the broiler. I didn’t even have to call my children for dinner. They followed their nose. Yum!

I am a foodie. A foodie is often described as a person that talks about what to have/make for the next meal while eating a prior meal. That would be me. I don’t stop at that though. I look at plates, platters and bowls with visions of food on them, who I will be sharing that food with, and the occasion that it should be served. I can talk about food until my children’s or friend’s eyes roll back into their head. I am that passionate about it, and sometimes I forget that others are not. I have gotten better though, and can now catch myself before I bore everyone silly with my food talk!

Some people break out in a cold sweat at the thought of what to make for a meal, especially of guests will be present. Not me! That is when I am in my glory. My ideal day would begin with a trip to the Farmers Market to shop for fresh food and chat with the locals. Then it would be off to the grocery to complete the food shopping. Finally, I would arrive at home to begin planning my dishes and preparing my food. Ina Garten has the ideal life! She cooks and hangs out with friends in her garden, on the beach, and in her glorious house. Now that’s living!

Now back to my cheater dinner. Some of my dinners are from scratch, healthy, and very well balanced. In fact, most of my dinners would fall into that category. And some nights its meatball subs, fries, and canned pears. Wellness is all about balance. And moderation. Its good for mental well being to spend a little less time preparing food some days, even for foodies. Sometimes playing a game of Sorry with my children wins out over spending time cooking dinner. So toss something frozen in for dinner, sit down at the table, play a game, and balance food and fun!

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