Fantastic Fajitas!

27 Jan

Friday is for fajitas!  Not really.  My fajitas are so easy, they can be made any night of the week!  Fajitas are easy, nutritious and delicious, and there are a couple of shortcuts to cut your time in the kitchen.  So pour a glass of wine, get the family working on a jigsaw puzzle, and get to it.

Fajitas are made with onions and bell peppers.  Bell peppers are amazingly nutritious.  Nutrition experts encourage variety in our diet.  That includes variety in colors.  Thats right…the color in food is beneficial.  The pigment in foods do not have “nutritive” value, but they are valuable to our body in other ways.  Bell peppers have loads of reasons to eat them.  Fajitas are a great way to get the benefits of this great food!

Those of us that were raised in or currently live in a part of the country that gets regular snow is familiar with rust on vehicles from the salt on the roads.  There is also rust by the ocean because of the salt.  Rust is damaging.  It  corrodes  metal.  That happens in our bodies too.  There are elements that cause “corrosion” like rust, on and in our bodies.  The good news is that certain foods that contain antioxidants can help reduce this damage.

Antioxidants in food reduce the damage of elements that cause corrosion on and in the body.  It is important to eat foods that contain antioxidants to reduce damage to our body.  Antioxidants have been linked to disease prevention and boosts the immune system.  Bell peppers contain antioxidants and have loads of vitamins including more vitamin C than oranges!  So get some bell peppers and start cooking!

It is easy to make nutritious fajitas because there are shortcuts.  Frozen vegetables are a good option to use for making easy fajitas.  Many grocers have frozen bell peppers that come in bags and are already cut.  I buy a brand of multicolored peppers that contain no additives.  I season a flank steak with salt, pepper, and cumin.  Then I toss it on the grill.  When it is done, I cover it, bring it back into the kitchen, and let it rest for a good 10 minutes.  While that rests, I slice a couple of onions.  I get my big black cast iron skillet out, put a little oil in it, and start caramelizing my onions.  Then I toss the frozen peppers in to start cooking.  I thinly slice the flank steak and toss it in the pan just to heat through.  I add a packet of fajita seasoning mix to really make it easy.  I finish by squeezing a lime over the fajitas.

Fajitas are made with peppers, onions, and a protein.  I use flank steak, but chicken and tofu also work well.  So does seafood.  Cook it up and toss it onto tortillas.  Balance the meal with some brown rice mixed with salsa and chopped tomatoes.  This is a dish that allows creativity.  Go for it and have fun.  Start enjoying the benefits and immune boosting power of the antioxidants!


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