P & Q…and laughter!

31 Jan

This is a term that my children have come to know well.  P & Q means peace and quiet.  It is something that if I don’t take for myself, it ain’t happinin!   When my children were young, I used to set 30 minutes on the microwave timer after announcing that mommy was taking some P & Q.  I would usually sit on the couch and read the paper.  My children would wander into the kitchen, look at the timer, and silently retreat until my 30 minutes were up.  Then chaos would once again take its rightful place in my home when the timer went off.  But thats okay, I had recharged a bit.  My children are older, but I still need that time.   And I still take it.

I had a great weekend, and part of that is attributed to the fact that I had some P & Q.  Sure I could have been doing laundry, grocery shopping, scrubbing the hardwood floors, and a million other things, but I resisted the urge and took a little time for myself.  My week is crammed with obligations.  Work, university classes, and children add up!  Then there is my home.  Running a household takes skill, time, and balance.  It is the ultimate management challenge!   And there is always something to do.  When one task is finished, another one is right around the corner.  Sometimes it is just time to take a break.  That is when we must heed the wise words of humorist and author Erma Bombeck who stated:  “Housework can kill you if done right”. Amen sister!

P & Q is one thing, and laughter is another must in any household.  Sometimes it takes laughing at ourselves to change a moment from bad to good.   And of course I can easily admit that I am my own biggest fan.  I laugh at myself all the time.  I love having music on in the house, and enjoy singing along.  I am dreadfully off key and tone deaf.  Sometimes when I get the words all wrong too.  But sing I must, and that usually produces some laughter from either myself or my children.

Then there are times when I argue with myself in my own head.  This seems to happen in the checkout lane when I am weighing the pro’s and con’s of buying that candy bar to eat it on the way home from the store.  I start an argument with myself.  In my head.  With nonverbal running commentary.  Now being that I am a hand talker, a shoulder shrugger, and a head bobber when speaking,  even when talking to myself, I must look ridiculous in that checkout lane.  When I realize that I am having a conversation in my head with full use of my hand and body gestures, I laugh at myself.   And my children laugh at me too.  Thank is just fine with me, because laughter is beneficial to balance and wellness.

So forget the housework for a while.  Take some P & Q.  Then think happy thoughts.  Laugh.  Its good for the soul!

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