17 Feb

Wellness is very important to me and has become a large part of what I do.  There are so many facets to wellness, so many contributing factors.  The mind and body are both simple and complex, and studying them gives a person a new appreciation for how important it is to take care of both mind and body.   Anatomy tells us that the mind and body are different systems but dependent on one another.  Keeping both the mind and the body well are also intertwined.

Going for a run, if thats your thing, can be great for the body.  It gets the heart pumping, contributing positively to the cardiovascular system. It also strengthens the muscles, is good for bone health, and gets the sweat going!  Heading out to the local gym or YMCA for a good workout or pilates class is also great for the body.  Getting out for a good solid power walk gets the blood pumping.  Going to a yoga class for a great stretching workout can really challenge the body.  It can also stretch the cardiovascular system, but how do you stretch your heart?

Just like a great class at the Y can strengthen the heart muscle, the spiritual  heart can also benefit.  Going to a class with friends, spending time  working on friendships can do the heart a world of good!  Spending time with girlfriends stretches our heart in a spiritual way.  Friends expand our capacity to love.  The spiritual heart grows bigger and stronger.  Moms can sometimes get sick with worry about our children and our lives.  That certainly does not contribute to a solid wellness philosophy.  Reaching out to friends can ease that.   The support of friends is important, necessary, and great for the heart.  And being there when a friend reaches out does the same thing.  Relationships warm the heart much in the same way that a good run gets the heart heated up!

Recently a friend talked to me about scaffolding.  No, not the kind that is used to paint high ceilings and walls, but being scaffolding.  Lifting others up.  Being solid.  Being part of a network.  Letting others be scaffolding for us.  This can really open up the mind and heart!  There are so many ways to both be scaffolding and to allow others to be ours.  When we do that, we stretch our heart.  We open ourselves to relationships.  And love.  And help.  And growth!  The possibility for wellness here is endless.  Stretch the heart in a different direction, and be healthy!  Marinate on all the ways to be scaffolding and allowing others to be scaffolding.  STRETCH the heart!

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