The Dirty Dozen

5 Mar

Lets face it.  We all have a food budget.  And we have to stick to it!  Fresh fruits and vegetables are expensive and can be a budget buster, especially this time of year when many aren’t in season.  Especially if we try to buy organic produce, which always seems to be more expensive.   Are organic fruits and veggies worth the extra expense?  Yes, but if you can’t afford all organic, at least try to buy “The Dirty Dozen” organic.  What’s The Dirty Dozen?  No, I am not referring to that old 1960’s movie.  To improve your health by avoiding the Dirty Dozen, read on!

Pesticides are used by farmers to keep the pests off of their crops and to increase the yield of their farm.  Pesticides are widely used, and are still present on many fruits and vegetables when they hit the local markets.  It is pretty common when we come home from the market to rinse our fruits and vegetables off under the tap.  But is that enough to get the pesticide residue off our produce?  Not always.  So how do we reduce or avoid these pesticides?  Try to squeeze the organic “Dirty Dozen” into your budget.

There are twelve fruits and vegetables that are high in pesticide residue.  The “Dirty Dozen” are best bought organic so as to avoid these pesticides.  What are the dirty dozen?  They change periodically.  Here is a current list of foods that are worth the extra money for organics.

  1. Celery
  2. Peaches
  3. Strawberries
  4. Apples
  5. Blueberries
  6. Nectarines
  7. Bell Peppers
  8. Spinach
  9. Kale
  10. Cherries
  11. Potatoes
  12. Grapes

Try to get this produce organically.  It is rough on the budget for sure, but it is worth it to reduce that nasty pesticide residue.  Better yet, try to get this produce at the local farmers market instead of the local grocery.  It is worth it to stretch your budget in the organic direction for the “Dirty Dozen”!



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