Clear the Air!

6 Apr

Yes…Clear the air.  Not clear the room (please see previous post on passing gas…).  Clearing the air and cleaning out the lungs with some good deep breaths is wonderful!  Theraputic!  Necessary!

Today I took a walk, a very long walk, with my teenage daughter.  We walked, breathed deep , and enjoyed the spring (and very windy!) afternoon.  Walking with a teenager is a very different experience than any other type of walking.  A weight can be lifted, deep breaths can be enjoyed, and problems can be solved.  It is pure delight!

Movement and activity is very important to wellness.  As often as I silently curse my trips up and down the stairs in my home, the walk across the parking lot to my building, the aisles of the grocery store, all of that activity adds up.  And that is a good thing!  But no matter how much I have moved, walked, and traipsed from place to place, when my daughter wants to go on a walk or a run, I am all in!

Teenagers are breed all their own!  Which is great.  I love it.  I am someone that does not like labels, especially with children.  I felt that my children never hit the “terrible two’s, and although teenage years present challenges, I love every stage of motherhood!  The definition of a teenager may be something like “a person between the age of 13 and 18”. I think a more accurate definition would be “someone who can pick out the voice of a friend from three blocks away, but can’t hear his mother calling from the next room”.  No labels, but their quirks are fun, even when they are temporarily deaf!  But I digress…

Walking with my daughter today, as we do most everyday, is like a good therapy session.  We walk, we talk, and we can really share in an easy environment.  Teenagers have lots of drama and pressing issues, and walking is a wonderful way to learn about a teenagers comings and goings!  And it is a good chance for a teenager to learn about the ins and outs of parenting and family challenges.  It is a great time to clear the air.  Discuss problems.  Role play with potential situations.  And just chat.

Walking feels good.  There are times for really solid activity, a good workout session.  And there are times for a “pep step” walk.  It feels good to put your shoulders back, breath deep, and put one foot in front of the other.  Walking with a partner is pleasant.  It is a good mental release.  Walking and talking takes a load off and can really contribute to wellness.  And if it is with a teenager, even better!  Keeping connected with your children is imperative, and taking a walk is a way to accomplish that.  So put your shoulders back, fill up your lungs with some good fresh air, open your ears to listen to your teenager, and clear the air!


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