Tootsie Time Rocks!

4 Jun

Yes, those are my toes!   Man, does a pedicure feel good!  It is a treat for sure.  A pedicure can produce an immediate attitude adjustment.  And going with my sister doubles the enjoyment.  Girl time rocks!  So does spoiling the ol’ tootsies!  Why get a pedicure?  Well if you have to ask….

We totally abuse our feet.  And we shamelessly take them for granted.  Until they hurt.  Then we usually just get a little mad at them, as in “Why do my feet hurt?” while knowing that it is our own darn fault for not being attentive to them.  We walk, stand in heels, go to the gym, and shove our feet into shoes that probably should have been thrown out long ago.  Some of us spend a great deal of our day on our feet too.  Feet get abused so every once in a while they deserve a little down time!

My sister and I were sharing some girl time and decided to have a pedicure.  This time we planned and had an appointment.  Sometimes you have to schedule sister time!  This time we opted for the sea salt scrub for our feet.  We sat back in our chairs, chatted, giggled, and gossiped.  Our feet were soaked, rubbed, scrubbed and polished up.  All good stuff!  This trip for a pedicure was more of a beauty treatment and mental health inducer versus sheer maintenance.  We giggled at my funny little tick when a certain spot on my feet were touched.  My leg jerked involuntarily when a “touchpoint” on my foot had pressure on it.  Even the girl giving my pedicure giggled, but I think hers was more attributed to nervous relief that she hadn’t been belted in the face by my quirky foot flailing!

Anywhooo, we must remember that relationships are crucial to happiness and wellness.  The relationship with ourself is very important, but we tend to put that on the back burner.  What I mean by this is that we need to spoil ourselves, take care of ourselves before we can give ourselves to any one else.  Our culture doesn’t exactly support this.  No one gives us permission for a bit of self indulgence.  We must simply take it, and offer no excuses.  We need to be good to ourselves.  Period.

So don’t wait for an occasion.  Treat those tootsies and pamper your self a bit.  Find a good salon, give them a jingle, and make an appointment.  Go alone and flip through a magazine.  Go with a friend and giggle with some girl talk.  Go with your sweet lover and hold hands.   It only takes one pedicure to get hooked on this simple pleasure!  Go for it!  And enjoy!  Start practicing the fine art of self indulgence!

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