The Blues

13 Jun



Family fun!


Ever get the blues?  Just a little bit down?  It stinks, doesn’t it?  But it happens to everyone.  For whatever reason you can just feel low energy and drag a little bit.  It can be from a comment someone made that might have been offensive, making a mistake at work, or simply missing a friend.

I am not talking about clinical depression here, which is very serious, a medical condition, and typically requires medication and counseling.  Clinical depression is not just “the blues” but is debilitating and needs medical intervention.   It is nothing to be ashamed of, and I would encourage anyone dealing with more than just a “blue” moment to get medical attention immediately.  Clinical depression is a true chemical imbalance in the body, and is not something that you can shake off like you can a little case of the dulldrums.  Medical help needs to be sought quickly for clinical depression.  Certainly not to be taken lightly!

I am just talking about a brief stint of feeling out of sorts.  It is great, for example, to have a bunch of family in town together for a big celebration.  It is always fun to catch up with family, celebrate life’s big moments, and get silly with the kin.  Its a blast!  These get togethers usually involve good food, happy events, and relatives that we enjoy but don’t see enough of.  When I get togehter with my family, we play games, take walks and hikes, prepare food together in the kitchen, and enjoy catching up over a meal.  I simply adore times like these.  Following this, though, comes the proverbial “Monday morning”.  Everyone leaves.  It’s back to work and business as usual.  The fun is over.  And sometimes this comes with a tiny letdown.

Again, these are brief letdowns, maybe just missing the family that has just left, and you get a little heart sick because the craziness of the get together was just so much fun!  It’s hard when that ends.  And the blue moment really doesn’t last long, because lets face it, life is good!  But it’s there, and it can linger.  A boohoo moment for sure!  How do you snap out of it?

A great way to kind of come back to reality after a bunch of fun that leaves a little empty spot is to get some excercise.  Physical activity has a great energizing effect on the body, mind and spirit.  It’s a release, freedom, a little surrender.  It feels good to just let go, take a walk, a run, or zip to the gym.  Sure you may have to make yourself go in the first place, but once you get your body moving, you feel the release.  The tension of being upset just seems to drain away, and good happy thoughts roll in.  It becomes easy to leave those sad feelings behind you with each step forward!

Another way to get past the “Monday morning letdown” is to organize all those pictures that you just took from your fun time and share them.  It can make you smile to relive the great memories of the not too distant past by looking at photos.  Last summer when I was at a big family reunion, I brought my computer and at the end of the day, we put the pictures from everyone’s camera into one file.  The last night that we were all together, we watched a slide show of all the pictures and it was wonderful.  We laughed, shouted funny comments, and poked a little fun at each other.  Then we burned all of the pictures from the file to a disk.  Everyone took a copy of that disk with all of the pictures on it home.  Family from Atlanta, Denver, Chicago, Philly and elsewhere all got a disk.  Popping that disk in and reliving the memories always cheers me up!

We all get a little bit blue sometimes.  That’s when we need to take the opportunity to either get that body moving or pull out pictures that produce happy laughter and warm thoughts.  Sometimes we can have really great moments when we are quiet, introspective, and take a moment to sit and reflect.  These are the times that we appreciate the gifts that we have in our life.  Memories.  Pictures.  Family.  Love.  These are great things to build, and sometimes a little hard to take when we move from living in a moment to remembering the memory of the event.  But move on we must.  Shake off that dust.  Bask in the beauty and glow of the memory.  It’s all good.  After all, we cannot truly appreciate the sunshine without the rain!  So celebrate the rain, look forward to the sun that inevitably follows it, and be thankful for what both the rain and the sun have to offer!

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