Famous Flops

13 Jul

Ok.  We all have them tucked away into our memory.  If you have forgotten, I guarantee that some one else remembers!  You know what I am talking about.  A flop.  That is when a recipe, dish, or meal just does not come together as it should.  And it always happens at a significant time.   Company.  Holidays.  A special occasion.  Instead of a bang up dish, a flop is gracing the table.  Phooey!

My children spent a week at camp earlier this summer.  While my house stayed clean, organized, and dirty laundry free for several days, I sure missed them!  They were due home Saturday.  So I spent Friday evening toiling away in the kitchen.  I made sure that my children were not only returning to a favorite meal when they got home, but a comforting home-made dessert as well.  So I made a big batch of vodka creme sauce and penne pasta.  A savory vegetable casserole.  Garlic bread with italian seasoning and freshly grated parmesan cheese bubbling on top.

And, of course, a very special dessert.  A chocolate fudge (loaded with chocolate chunks) double layer cake.  While I am most definitely a much better cook than baker, I am known around these parts for making amazing frosting.  Butter cream frosting.  Beautiful and fluffy.  Even my mom commented that my frosting is better than hers (major score!! If she just could have said that in front of my sister…).  So I admit that I now take great pride in my frosting.  This cake deserved my best frosting ever.  It was the cake to welcome my children home from a week of camp and a week away from mom’s cooking.  A special occasion-a celebration for sure!

Yes!  You guessed it. It flopped.  Not the dinner.  And not the cake either.  My soon-to-be-famous butter cream frosting totally flopped.   Disaster and embarrassment!  How could this have happened?  But secretly I knew what I had done wrong.  See, even when you try to substitute an ingredient that you know is inferior, even when you do it while talking to yourself (and talking to the ingredient) and willing the substitution to work, sometimes it just doesn’t.  But in a rush, we make mistakes and things flop.  My butter cream frosting is made with Crisco solid shortening.  Pure fat.  So tasty!  As I measured the Crisco, I realized that I was just a smidge short.   I went to the fridge, grabbed the tub of margarine, and tossed some of that in to my frosting.  Well that margarine had a high water content, so the frosting would not hold.  It dripped.  Oozed.  Slid.  It had no body.

The children came home.  I showering them with kisses, dragged camp trunks to the laundry room to start unloading clothing laden with that unique (gag me!) camp scent, and giggled at their camp stories.  After a bit, I was ready to proudly tell them about the special dinner that awaited them, and the very special dessert that I had labored over.  Dinner was a hit!  Then it happened.  My kids saw that cake,  the top layer sliding off the bottom layer and frosting leaking out of the middle, and looked at me for a bit of a barometer.  They had to get a good read on me.  I threw my head back and belted out a huge loud laugh, and they quickly followed suit.  That frosting in no way resembled my typical white fluffy butter cream frosting.  But man, it sure tasted good!

The little cake that flopped!  hahahahahaha

This cake was a scream!  Hahahahahahahahahaha!!  Whats next after a flop?  A good belly laugh of course!  You just have to laugh it off.  That’s what I do.  You have to let the little stuff roll off your back!  And be sure to share that laugh with someone else.  Like I said, don’t bother to remember it.  Because when you forget, someone else will be only to happy to remind you of your flop!

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