29 Jul

Labels.  I hate ’em!  They are so limiting.  The smart one.  The athletic  one.  The workaholic.  The baby of the family.  Breakfast.  Lunch. Dinner.  Huh??  That’s right.  I hate labeling meals.  Boring!  And limiting!

Breakfast does not have to be oatmeal. eggs, toast, bagel, or cold cereal.  We can eat those things any time of the day.  And if it’s last night’s leftovers for breakfast who cares?  There is nothing wrong with chicken, rice, and broccoli for breakfast.  If that is what sounds good, go for it.  And sandwiches aren’t just for lunch!  They can be fabulous any time of day or night.

Likewise for dinner.  Sometimes a bowl of cereal is perfect for dinner.  Sometimes eggs and toast work.  My youngest son’s favorite dinner is breakfast!  For many years his special birthday dinner request was breakfast, or what we would “traditionally” consider breakfast food.

I am going to tell a story through pictures.  It is the story of a meal. But I will not label it.  And I will not reveal what time of day I enjoyed this meal (which, by the way, features several servings.  I only had one!).  I will toss a caveat in saying that it is not a story for the faint of heart.  It is of adult nature….it features…dare I say it….bacon and bacon fat.   Totally obscene!  Outrageous!  But it is moderation in the use of the fat that allows my conscience to let this dirty little secret out.

Fresh! Beautiful!

Lucky for me I have friends who have what I lack…namely a green thumb.  This bowl is full of fresh peppers and tomatoes.  I was the lucky recipient of this lovely fresh bounty, and I let it inspire me.  It took me to a very unexpected place.

Bacon. Decadent!

So I fried up some bacon in my beloved old cast iron skillet.  While the bacon was crisping, I started cutting up the peppers and tomatoes.  Then I scooped out the bacon, let it drain a bit, and left most of the grease in my skillet.  The smells in my kitchen started deepening, layering.  Man, was I hungry now!

Pepper mania! yes!!

I tossed those fresh peppers and tomatoes into that bacon fat.  Yes, that’s what I said.  Right into the fat.  Well here is where I kind of compounded the naughty factor.  While the peppers were frying up I went to the fridge and hung on the door.  Hunting.  Digging.  Then I popped to the pantry.  Nope…nothing there…went back to the fridge.  Here comes more of the naughty…

Peppers to the side...eggs in front!

I pushed the veggies aside and tossed in eggs.  Frying eggs in bacon fat.  Yup…I warned you!   Totally obscene!   And completely delish!  But my conscience would not allow this dish to be totally devoid of some sort of nutrition.  So I made some whole grain toast.  No butter.  And tossed eggs, peppers and tomatoes on the toast.  Fabulous!


I will not label this meal, nor will I reveal the time of day that this meal was consumed.  Let me just say that it was amazing!  I cook with bacon grease maybe once or twice a year.  I love great food cooked in different ways.  And in moderation, I think that everything can be enjoyed.  As I said, I only cook with bacon fat occasionally.  This dish was certainly worth the wait..and totally label free.


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