23 Aug

We have all heard his name.  Hippocrates.  But who was he?  Why is he relevant?  Where have we heard that name?  Is it that we have heard the “Hippocratic Oath” being quoted?   Well, being a foodie that is passionate about wellness, I know who he is.  I would love to share some of his wisdom with you.

Hippocrates was Greek.  A Greek physician in fact.  He is referred to as the father of medicine.  He was considered a great healer.  There are conflicting accounts of his life, but one thing is for certain.  He was dedicated to studying not disease, but the person that had a disease.  By many accounts, he took the mind, body spirit approach to healing.   His first course of action when treating disease was typically diet and exercise. There is a very important lesson in that.  Consider the following quote:

Walking is a man’s best medicine“.  Now that doesn’t sound too threatening does it?  It sounds downright gentle, achievable, and motivating!  Walking is medicinal?  Cool!  Most everyone can take a walk before work, after a meal, or with the children.  Anything to get moving.  That is the key…just movement.

Maybe having a really boring greek mythology teacher in High school turned you off to everything greek.  I had Mr. Moore (better known for his white patent leather shoes and spitting when he spoke…but that’s a story for another day!)!  But modern society does have some roots hailing back to ancient times.  Hippocrates believed in wellness and the natural healing properties of food.  And I totally believe in that as well.  Just note the following-

“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”

— Hippocrates

This is a great quote.  Food is healing.  Or perhaps he meant that if you enjoy good sensible eating you won’t need medicine (meaning drugs to heal).  So can the socializing that goes along with meals.  The whole package, I call it…good food, good conversation, and even good wine at times.  There are so many tools to use to achieve a balanced diet, and all we need to do is open that door and go through.  Pull out those cookbooks!  Dust off that stove!  Lollygag in the produce section of the grocery and get inspired!  Start enjoying the health benefits that whole foods have to offer.

Make a commitment to take one small step.  Then another.  Change can be gradual.  In fact, that’s the best way to make some life long changes…slowly.  Start off with taking a walk every night after dinner.  A few weeks later, start adding more fruits and vegetables into your day.  Let that become a habit, then start enjoying more meals with friends and family.  Socialize over meals.  A support system is key to any change.  And no one has to know you are making these healthy changes.  To quote Nike….just do it!  Let food be your medicine!

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