Taco Heaven

20 Sep

Growing up in the midwest, I was raised with traditional foods.  Meat and potatoes.  And luckily, I had a mom that was the most fabulous scratch cook.  Most everything she made was full of flavor and certainly filled not only our home with amazing aromas, but the bellies of her big brood of happy perfect children too (if my mother is reading this, insert an eye roll and a solid scoff here!).  When she made tacos, it was with ground beef browned with the prepackaged taco seasoning added..  We added shredded lettuce and cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, and picante.  We loaded our taco fixings onto the good old corn shells that mom had warmed in the oven.

These were the tacos I was raised on.  So when I began cooking, they are the tacos that I made.  I didn’t really deviate, except for adding some guacamole and sour cream.  Then I got a little daring and moved to flour tortillas.   Wow, a real stretch for the palette!  Ha!  And my kids love my tacos.  Now I also use fresh chicken breasts instead of ground beef sometimes.  Now I make my own seasoning for my tacos, heavy on the cumin thank you very much!  And that was as far as I went with my tacos.  Until recently!

Within the past couple of years I have discovered the joys of fish tacos.  Not only that, I have had authentic fish tacos in California.   Yum!  Amazing.  The fish tacos used fried fish, which surprised me.  Beside the plate of fish taco was a dish of what looked to be green mayonnaise or green sour cream.  I wasn’t sure which until I tasted it.  The side dish was a wonderful sour cream based sauce infused with cilantro.  And had a little heat, maybe some cayenne pepper too.  Or hot sauce.  It had a pleasant amount of heat, but did not overpower the cilantro.

I haven’t tried making these on my own yet, but I have been picking the brains of my neighbors that hail from Los Angeles.  Fish tacos are not new to them.  I have been looking at recipes too.  My courage is increasing.  I might try them soon.  I need to try making them while the flavor memories are fresh, and I have amazing pictures to reference.   I love stretching my culinary ability, as well as the palate of my family.  So here goes…and I will keep you posted!

Wahoo fish tacos!

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