tutti fruitti

9 Oct

Fruit.  Yum!  When I think of fruit, i think of gentle sweetness, warm summer, lovely hues, and pure decadence!  Fruits are rich in color, juicy, you can take them anywhere.  Fruit can be cooked, eaten raw, tossed into a million recipes, or enjoyed simply by itself.  Fruits start off small, young, starchy.  As they mature, they ripen, get juicy, sweeten, become deliciously aromatic.  Fruit is darn near perfect!

Take this into a different direction.  Fruits of the spirit.  These are, of course, gifts.  God given gifts.  And lucky for us, as we mature, like nature’s fruit, our fruits of our spirit ripen.  It may be difficult, as a young person, to identify and understand our gifts, our fruits of the spirit.  But the beautiful thing is that if we allow the sunshine in, surround ourselves with nutrients to grow, water ourselves, keep listening to the wise words of the wind billowing around us, our fruits, our gifts will mature.  Mother Nature helps our gardens flourish, Father Earth provides a sturdy foundation, and that’s all it takes.

Nature speaks, well whispers.  Nature works wonders.  If we let it, that is.  If we don’t block its wonders, tear it down, expect it to be something it is not.  A marigold seed is destined to become a beautiful golden flower.  Lovely by itself.  Magnificent surrounded by other marigolds.  Spectacular amongst a field of wild flowers.  A happy warm touch when in a simple vase perched on a bedside table.  It is a hardy plant that can withstand a day without water, a couple of clouds passing by, average soil.  It can thrive even in minimal conditions.  But it must have some of the basics to sprout its root, burst forth from the soil, and reach for the beautiful sky.  Just like our fruits, our gifts…they are lovely alone.  Magnificent when surrounded with similar gifts.  A standout in a large field of other gifts.  A happy warm touch when brought into the home.

We all have gifts to use.  What we do with them is another story.  It is our job, internally, to allow sunshine in.  This is happiness.  Surround yourself with happiness.  It is warm, nurturing, and allows growth.  Next we need fertile ground for a firm foundation.  For this, we need to surround ourselves with people who help us grow, experiences that are rewarding, and opportunities to serve.  And in turn, we need to be fertile ground for those around us.  Be firm, nurturing.  Feed the fruits of the spirit.

Next, we need to be watered.  Purified.  Cleansed.  Sometimes tears help with that.  Other times it is solitary time reflecting at the beach with the waves lapping at our feet.    Water is a symbol of life-there is no life without water.  Water symbolizes purification, wisdom, intuition.  All super important for fruits of the spirit to grow and mature.  In addition, it is critical to listen to the wise winds swirling around, whispering its wisdom quietly.

What are your fruits, your gifts of the spirit?  Competitiveness?  Then compete with others to raise your money for a charity.  Harmony?  Help friends mend a rift, a disagreement.  Leadership?  Then lead a community to improvement.  Empathy?  Then reach out and volunteer at an animal shelter.  Fruits of nature.  Fruits of the spirit.  Always perfect.

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  1. Jeanne Carlson October 19, 2011 at 9:52 pm #

    LOVE, MRS. C

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