7 Nov

A GNO at home! Happy Times!

Talk about wellness!  The ultimate nod to good health is a GNO-that is what my friends and I call our Girls Night Out.  Also referred to by some of the husbands and significant others as Chicks on the Loose.  Sometimes we go to a restaurant, sometimes we just all grab some food and go to someone’s house. It doesn’t matter where we go.  Either way, a GNO is a must for good overall health.  Any way you slice it, a GNO is a huge contributing factor to good mental, spiritual, and physical health.  How so?  Oh puleez!

Every GNO provides a mental release.  There is no problem that a glass of wine and some good chit chat can’t solve!  When my girls and I get together, we just let it rip.  No topic is taboo or off limits.  We can say whatever is on our mind, especially because we honor the “Girl Code”, meaning the buck stops here, without question!  What happens at GNO stays at GNO.  No one breathes a word of what we talk about or disclose within our tight circle of confidants.  That element allows us to giggle, cry, huff and puff our way through a solid venting session, usually part of a GNO.   And with that little bit of venting, the daily tensions, with hysterically retold stories using wild hand gestures and a healthy dose of humor, just slip away.  Aaaahhh, the health benefits of a GNO!

Our discussions cover every thing from soup to nuts, switching from one topic to another with lightening speed, but we do vent sometimes.  We just need the release of talking about life in general, getting things off our chest, having a good laugh and moving on.  Women approach venting with understanding, sympathy, and good natured sarcasm.  We nod, we agree, we feel the emotions of one another.  Men seem to, for the most part, want to problem solve when some female venting comes their way.  Which is fine, a very reasonable response.  But girls, women, well we just need to blow off steam sometimes.  Nothing more, nothing less.  We just like to get crap off our chest and move on!  This mental relief is good for the body too, no doubt.

A GNO is good for physical health?  Oh heck yeah!  In addition to polishing our lovely physical attributes to take our hot selves out in style, we also plan our future runs or hikes.   Sipping our cocktails looking oh so pretty is when we decide on our next group activity or “field trip”.  Keeping active and fit together is (nearly) as much fun as our GNO’s!  My girlfriends and I get together to walk, run, hike, bike, and even go indoor rock climbing.  We keep each other motivated to keep going.  It is important to keep moving.  And why not do it with your girlfriends to make it just that much more fun?  Sign me up for another dose of good health and wellness!

And with my girlfriends, GNO’s are certainly spiritual.  I do everything with my friends, including pray.  There is something so affirming about holding hands with friends, closing our eyes, and letting the burdens of our heart go.  We pray in support of one another, in thanks for our blessings, and, of course, for our close friendships.  It is a bonding experience and a meaningful spiritual connection that anyone would be lucky to have.  It is a wonderful level of intimacy that when shared certainly warms the heart.  There is also a great deal of comfort that stems from sharing heart felt prayers, released burdens, and humble gratitude with friends.  Although I do not have scientific documentation, I would almost guarantee that this fellowship lowers blood pressure.  Again, good for the body.

Rarely do my friends and I end a phone conversation or time together without sending an “I love you” to each other.  We just are not afraid of those 3 little words.  In fact, our friendships embody those words, bring them to life in a way that is not romantic or vain.  Just peaceful and loving.  Affirming.  The depth of heart that is shared between friends is a value that I will forever cherish.  That type of love between friends where there is no fear of being laughed at, made fun of, or rejected is a deeply valued friendship.  Oh sure, that takes lots of work, but make no mistake, it’s worth every ounce of nourishment.  When you can let it all hang out, boogers, warts and all, and your friends simply love you for who you are?  They delight in your crazy off the wall silliness?  Brag about your strengths to others?  Depend on you and call on you in their time of need?  And you feel the same way about them?  Well honey, that rocks!  So good for the body!

I have a teen-aged daughter.  As hard as she tries, she does get caught up in teen-aged girl drama every once in a while.  Let’s face it, high school can be rough as far as relationships go.  Some girls can, at times, be catty and cruel.   Silently aggressive.   When my daughter confides in me that there is some girl drama swirling around her, I help her best I can.  We talk our way though it.  I tell her about some of the high school drama that I had to endure.  Then I promise her that girls are not always this way.  And she knows that.  She sees the relationships that I have with my girlfriends.  She sees that friends are for sharing, not for keeping to yourself.  She sees laughter, security, respect, faith, and love in my relationships with my friends.  At some point that teenaged pettiness fades away, and lovely supportive mature girlfriend relationships blossom.  My daughter will grow into a woman and have her own GNO’s.  And she too will experience the benefit to overall good health from each and every GNO!  What are YOU waiting for?

GNO hits the town!

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