Food Quirks

16 Nov

I am not even sure if “food quirks” is an actual term to the lay man.  But being a foodie, I know exactly what it means.  Foodies are a unique (read strange) bunch.  We love looking at food, preparing food, talking about food, and just generally expressing ourselves in culinary terms as much as we can.  We also have a certain haughty sensibility about us when discussing food.  But we definitely have our food quirks.  And we are proud of them!  We own them and aren’t afraid to flaunt them at any cocktail party or wine dinner.  In fact, we take pride in marching our peculiarities right out in front of every one.  They set us apart from the pack.  We flaunt ’em baby!

What is a quirk exactly?  Well it can be defined in a couple of ways, such as a peculiar trait or idiosyncrasy.   An eccentricity if you will.  Now doesn’t that sound sophisticated?  Another foodie hears the term “food quirk” and nods with quiet collusion connecting on a culinary level, perhaps just a smirk as indication that the quirk is understood and respected.  Brandishing our quirks is just what we do, and do it with style that makes us a true “foodie”.  It is woven into our being, evident in our vernacular.   How can food be quirky?

I have a couple of quirks, and they certainly are distinctive.  For example, I have a sweet tooth that can only be satisfied by whatever specific sweet I am craving.  But it has to be perfect.  Sometimes I really want a candy bar or a piece of candy.   But it has to stand alone.  What does that mean?  No matter how much I am craving candy, I will never eat candy out of the “Halloween bowl” of candy that over flows from trick-or treating.  Or the bowl of leftover candy that did not get handed out to little ghosts and goblins.  Why not?  Because I will not eat candy that has touched another piece of candy.  I don’t mean the same candy out of the same bag it came in.  I mean candy that has touched other nonlike candy.  I will not eat a candy bar that has been laying next to a mint.  Or a piece of bubble gum.  If chocolate has touched hard candy, I can crave it all day but won’t touch it if the only candy I have access to is from a mixed bowl of candy.   It just does not taste the same to my highly developed and very sophisticated taste buds.  Pretty crazy, huh?

No use trying to explain this quirk to anyone.  It is what it is.  I have endured raised eyebrows, jaw dropping gasps, and crinkled up eyes when my peculiar trait rears its ugly head.  Sure it defies logic, but us foodies aren’t afraid or intimidated by our unique approach to food.  Even I admit that it is strange to not eat an M&M that has touched a wax paper covered peanut butter kiss in the Halloween bowl.  But I won’t.

Non foodies have quirks too, but they are not appreciated with such passion as a foodie.  They don’t have the same positive spin as a foodies highly honored quirks.  One of my friends will not eat a casserole.  She has an aversion to food touching other food and will not eat casseroles.  It does not matter if she likes every individual flavor and food in that casserole.  Together they don’t work for her.  It’s that simple.  My brother Mike will not eat cheese.  But the only kind of pizza he orders is cheese.  Go figure.  We all have them.  The difference is that I am a foodie, they are not.  Which is fine.  No biggie.  But the difference is that I embrace my quirk, they are slightly embarrassed of theirs.  Makes excuses for it with a nervous giggle.  Something a foodie will never do. No sir.  We enjoy our food oddity (or oddities!), and believe me, we all have at least one.

Embrace your food quirks!  Strut them out for all to see.  Don’t let your food touch!  Who cares?  Don’t eat cheese but order only cheese pizza.  Let it all hang out!  Individuality is inspiring, not limiting!  Food is fun, exciting, and passionate.  Love your quirks…celebrate your oddity with humor, acceptance, and embrace your originality!

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