Sitting on the dock of the bay…

17 Feb

Or in the airport! Or in line at the bank. Or at the doctor’s office. We all know and love that old song, with only a few words sung able to evoke the whole song in our head! Life is a series of sitting in lines, waiting, and delays. All part of life, all inevitable. But with planning it can go a little smoother.

A favorite quote of mine is “Embrace the detours”. with credit going to Kevin Charbonneau.  I have this quote posted in big letters on my office wall. Everyone gets frustrated with running into walls, delays, and just plain dead ends. A little word change and make that wall, dead end and delay a detour instead. Huge difference! Being delayed for any reason is a hassle, plain and simple. But planning can certainly help. And lists are a good starting point.

The more I try to remember the more certain I am to forget, so a list is major for me. It helps organize and plan-which is a reduces stress for sure! Portable easy to take food is also a must. And is much easier that trying to grab an expensive day old chewy bagel! Stress is super hard on the body. It can contribute to not only an acute illness, but it can certainly contribute to long term illnesses as well. It is wear and tear on the body in a very negative way.  A little planning can go a long way in reducing stress.

Now back to planning and lists. Planning organizes us. Organization reduces stress. Everyone has their own tools that work best. For me it is making a list. And I always make a little box next to the items on my list so I can they can be checked off as completed. For me, a list is a good way to prioritize tasks. The list can be dated, so there can be a today column and a tomorrow column.  Since “detours” happen, an hourly time frame isn’t practical for me, and a daily one seems to accomplish my goals and fills my needs. I detail my list with special needs, such as “get file folders” or something needed for a task.  And flexibility is key too.

At the moment I am stuck at the airport. But I planned. I have a book, music, my laptop and I brought some nutritious food. People watching at the airport is phenomenal. So many parallel lives converging with many different energy levels.  Even without my accoutrements, I would be fully entertained for quite a while with just that! But my mind is fast, and I need multiple things to keep my interest, hence the book, music and laptop! And food!

What kind of “portable” food works in an airport? A favorite one is instant oatmeal. A cup of hot water does not constitute the national debt as most airport food does, so it fits in the budget and is a good energy source in a pinch. I  just bring instant oatmeal in a little plastic bowl, get hot water, mix it up, then throw my bowl away.  A bag of grapes, an apple, a sandwich are also tucked into my backpack. I am careful about food safety, so the sandwich is a pb&j. The only thing purchased is a bottle of water, and with TSA rules, that just can’t be helped. But if I had to buy all of that food it would have been a kings ransom. I had a list, and packed all of the food that was on my list. No stress.

I of course had my packing list as well. I am confident that my suitcase contains everything I need for my trip…if I ever get on my flight that is!  But until that time, I have planned.  I will just camp out at my gate, people watch, blog, organize the pictures on my laptop, and catch up on the news!

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