Mediterranean Mania!

27 Feb

Luscious Lamb Chops!

Lamb Chops.  They are nothing I would have eaten 10 years ago.  In fact, I would not eat lamb in any form.  Didn’t like the smell, didn’t like the taste, didn’t like the preparation.  But alas, just as we must expose toddlers to food as many as 14 times before they dare taste something, adults can benefit from just the same exposure.  Once we become adults, we can lose our whimsy with food.  What a pity!

Food I would not eat as a child included lasagna, lima beans, sweet potatoes, shrimp, and, of course, lamb.  My mother is a fabulous cook, so it’s not like I had yucky food on the table growing up.  My parents took us out for dinner too, although with 5 kids I have no idea to this day how they fit that into the budget!  I grew up exposed to delicious food at home and respectable restaurant fare as well.  I can’t tell you why certain foods were on my “do not like” list when I was young.  Stubborn, childish, or just plain defiant perhaps.  Now some might say that I still have these qualities today, but I do appreciate food.  I did not let my childhood dislikes dictate my adult taste.  I continued to try all food.  Thank goodness!

Recently my wonderful dining companion wanted to try a new mediterranean restaurant in town.  Great, I thought, but in my head I told myself I would eat anything but lamb.  Reservations, check.  New dress, check.  Fantastic dining companion, check.  Ready, set go!  And we did.  Once in the restaurant, it was easy to get caught up in the richness of the decor.  Low lighting,  Heavy furniture.  And the staff was lovely-very authentic with dark good looks and enchanting accents.  The men were handsome and the women beautifully exotic.   Adding to the amazing atmosphere were spicy warm scents wafting throughout.

We looked at the wine list.  We perused the menu.  We listened attentively to the wait staff when presented with the specials of the day.  The waiter left us alone for a moment and we discussed our wine and food options, wanting to compliment our dinner with our wine choice.  I grew brave.  Daring.  Bold.  I called upon my inner food whimsy and ordered the lamb!

What a great decision!  The lamb was fabulous!  Prepared perfectly, and paired with our wine it was delicious.   Perfection!  A superb dining experience.  And I am glad that I, as an adult, continue to expand my palate.  Variety is critical to a healthy and well balanced diet.  That includes trying foods that perhaps may not have appealed to immature taste buds.

So go ahead…keep trying foods-even the ones that may not have been preferred as a child.  Don’t lock your self into dull boring foods.  I now eat most of the foods that I did not like as a child (still hate lima beans though!).  Life is an exciting culinary journey to discover and rediscover all foods!  It is a journey that will continue, happily, and one that I encourage others to embark on as well!

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