A Moanable Moment

9 Apr

Yes, that’s right. I said it. I love my “moanable moments”.  Okay, those of you that went there…get your mind out of the gutter!  I am talking about an aromatic moment.  One that inevitably leads to a fantastic flavor moment.  The anticipation created by that first aromatic shot makes the mouth water.  And a great one can cause an involuntary moan to slip out not matter where you are.  We have all had them.  Come on!  Admit it!

I grew up in the Chicago area.   Our local bakery had hardwood floors that were scuffed up and squeaky. The little blue haired ladies running the bakery had to have been 100 years old at least!  Shiny sparkling clean glass was the only thing separating the freshly baked sweets from anxiously waiting customers.  After choosing something from the huge trays behind the glass, treats we’re boxed up in a glossy white box and tied tight with twine. No sneaking goodies before that box landed in moms hands!

Entering that bakery as a child and walking in as an adult still produces that very same moment…a moanable moment.  One in which your head involuntarily tips back a bit, eyes slowly droop closed,  and you take a deep breath in.  The exhale is in the form of a moan.  The scents wafting through the air are just too good.  Words cannot describe the sweet aromas, the anticipation of a freshly baked cookie or cupcake, the absolute denial of all calories about to be consumed, free of all guilt.

Few things evoke this moment, but it is a thing of beauty.  A treat for the nostrils.  A thrill for the palate.  As a lover of food and wine, a passionate cook, and busy mom, these moments come most often in the kitchen these days.  A freshly grilled piece of lemon mustard chicken.  Decadent homemade pizza in the oven, bubbling away.  The fragrant bouquet after uncorking of a fabulous bottle of wine.  “Moanable moments” come in all shapes and sizes.  But each moment is terrific.  What is your moanable moment?  You know what it is!

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