Dippers, dunkers, and spreaders

12 Apr

My family dinner table is a place of lively discussion.   Always.  And meals around my table can last for hours.  We are a clan of varied opinions.  We have so much to say.  We just don’t shut up either.  And my family and friends all seem to really enjoy lingering around the table before, during, and after a meal. Until a frisbee or football makes an appearance.  Then the table overflow leads to the yard for more lively discussion, debate, and passionate opinions.

One recent discussion was surrounding the art of the pancake.  Well, not so much as the art of the pancake as the art of the butter and syrup.  And the short stack.  Who knew such heated opinions surrounded a sweet delicate quick bread known as the pancake.  But heated and opinionated it was!  And it spilled over to french toast and waffles.  But I digress.

Back to the pancake.  We have dippers, dunkers, and spreaders.  Or at least that was a point of agreement in our wonderfully lively discussion.  Categories.  For eating pancakes.  And that was only after the heated debate over the consistency of the pancake was established.  Crusty edges and mushy center.  Ah, the perfect pancake.  With that finally established the true analysis, with stated pro’s and con’s, could begin.

A dipper is someone who, when eating pancakes, scoots the pancakes to the side of the plate and puts syrup on the other side of the plate.  Then the pancakes are cut and dipped into the syrup, bite by bite.  Cut, dip, eat!

A dunker takes the pancakes, cuts a bite, then dunks it heavily into the syrup.  A dunk and a sweep.  Every bite of pancake gets dragged through the syrup.  The syrup literally drips off the pancakes in a stream as one tries to get it across the plate and into the mouth.  A chin sticky with syrup is a bonus.

A spreader spreads the syrup over the top of the stack of pancakes.   Well, more accurately, pours syrup over the top of the stack of pancakes.  Again, more discussion.  Pour the syrup over the top of the stack?  Yup, but don’t stop there.  The consensus was to lift up every pancake in the stack and douse every one with syrup, not just the top one.  Syrup oozing down the side of a short stack is simply not enough for a spreader.  Each pancake must be graced with syrup.

On to the butter.  Does one butter the top pancake, or lift the pancakes up, one by one, to put butter on each one?   And do you dot or spread the butter?   Lots to consider!  One point of agreement though…butter is a must.  We also agreed that the butter must be spread over the hot pancakes so it can melt.  This was not a heart healthy discussion!

We didn’t even touch on syrup when this recent debate erupted.  Maple syrup or fruited syrup?  Again an area of agreement.  All folks present enjoy maple syrup.  I personally have enjoyed both maple syrup and fruit, but definitely prefer maple syrup.

So where are you on the spectrum?  Let the lively discussion begin!

Scratch made crispy tender pancakes

1 egg, beaten
1 c. milk
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 c. AP flour
2 tsp. baking powder
3/4 tsp. salt

Mix beaten egg, milk and vanilla together in one bowl.  In another bowl,  combine remaining ingredients and stir into the egg mixture.  Whisk gently until slightly lumpy. Don’t over mix.
Pour 1/4 c batter onto a hot griddle spaced apart.  Allow them to cook until the tops of pancakes are bubbled and somewhat dry looking.  Turn with spatula. Cook just until the underside is lightly browned.

Enjoy both the pancakes and the discussion!

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