Friends for all seasons

13 May

I am a woman blessed with many friends.  I have friends from the neighborhood, friends from church, book club friends.  Friends met thru friends, school friends, work friends, and parental friends of my children’s friends.  Friends everywhere!  Friends I read with, friends I share a glass of wine with, friends that I cook with, friends I run with, and friends that I can call and vent daily frustrations to-they are great listeners.  How lucky am I?

I have a group of friends that I see fairly often in the course of family life, but we get together 4 times a year specifically to cook.  We share fellowship, prayers, wine, laughs, and, of course, dinner.  It is a group of 12 friends, and 3 of us host one dinner party 4 times a year.  Once a season.  We rotate homes, hosting duties, and menus.  We have been getting together for over 10 years.  The 3 hostesses for the upcoming dinner get together to select the menu.  The hostesses also select the recipes to use.  We used to mail them out, but now we embrace emails and texting.  Each person makes one thing to bring, so we all contribute to each dinner.  Getting together takes some doing because we are all busy working mothers.  But our time together is priceless and so joyful!

At our dinners, we have the recipes printed and ready for all to take home.  I have a binder full of over a decade of fantastic recipes, and refer to it often for some of my most favorite dishes.  When I leaf through the pages of my Four Seasons recipes, not only do I enjoy the recipes, but I also enjoy the warm hearted memories of our evenings together.

Sometimes we have a themed dinner, other times we just make favorites.  The food is always wonderful, but the friendship is the real treat with this bunch.  We love each other, support each other, and our friendship is pure in heart and spirit.  The women in this group are funny, kind, and generous.  Women together supporting each other in family life, faith, and hard knocks makes us unstoppable!  Powerful!  Successful! And we appreciate the gift of the fellowship that we share.  The food that nourishes our bodies.  The love that surrounds us.

It is my goal for this blog to addresses wellness of the mind, body and spirit.  My Four Seasons group is a component of this in my life.  These women definitely contribute to the wonderful quality of my life.  They make it better.  I encourage you to gather a group of friends together.  Eat.  Talk. Laugh. Share.  And be grateful for people that surround you, for food on your table, and for the countless blessings in your life.  The experience is certain to improve the quality of your life, so jump in and start your own version of the Four Seasons group!

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