Stress-A Quiet Thief

11 Sep

Wellness is a core value of mine, one that I live every day.  I have (hopefully) been passing this along to my children as well.  It does not mean that I work out like a fiend, eat only “health” food, or preach to others about their bad habits from my righteous perch.  Not at all.

I am a normal everyday working mother.  I try to be mindful of balance in my life.  Wellness, in my humble opinion, hinges on balance.  An active lifestyle.  Good food.  Positive relationships.  Deep spirituality.   Maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit is of utmost importance to me.  When one of these elements is out of sync, it throws everything else slightly out of whack.

Nothing throws this balance out of whack some days more than stress.  Stress is a quiet thief.  It seeps into daily life and grabs a tight hold, robbing us of optimum health at times.  But we don’t always recognize it.  Oh yes, the signs are there, but sometimes they go unheard.  Instead of quietly listening to our body we sometimes push forward.  We try to push past the little nagging voice of imbalance in our energy.   And if we are not listening to our own body, doesnt that create stress?

Not that I blame anyone or anything for stress.  Stress is something that, perhaps, we let into our lives.  We allow it in.  Unsuspecting.  Dressing it up to look like something other than what it is.  Fooling ourselves.  Letting stress seep in quietly robs us of our balance.  And our path to the best healthy body possible.

Coping with stress can mean taking a looking into personal history.  Asking core questions.  Where is my stress coming from?  Did I start letting someone else define my limits?  Am I being true to myself?  Does someone else have power over my decisions?  Answering those questions are tough.

It is embarrassing for me to admit, but I have had some stress from being bullied.  No one wants to admit that this has happened to them. I am a strong, smart, well educated woman.  I continue to achieve success with my career in the field of clinical nutrition.  I am a single mother.   Stress from a bully?  Yup, it happened.  It can happen to anyone.

It’s very degrading and really hard to admit to others that it’s happening.  Quite frankly, it was embarrassing to admit that I had been the victim of a bully.  Until I faced it head on.  The power that came out of me in that experience has helped push me forward.

Looking a bully square in the face takes guts.  Inner strength.  I had to completely let go of the fear that had been gripping me.  Fear of the bully.  The good news is that courage emerged from that experience.  Power.  A shift in energy.  Negative to positive.    And I was well on my way to restoring balance in my energy and reducing my stress level.

Yes, bullying can happen at any time in life.  And by anyone.  A spouse.  A boss.  A coach.  An in-law.  Being bullied, as I can attest, is stress to an unknown exponent.  And at any point in life, bullying can send stress through the roof.  It throws balance  off.

It is not a child hood phenomenon.  Not at all.  And it can be difficult to recognize.  Bottom line is, if someone is demanding, preying on (manufactured) guilt, degrading, it is a toxic relationship.  One that can lead to being bullied.  Stand up.  Look that ugly bully in the face.  Say no.  Empower your self.  Love yourself enough to end the negative energy.

Stress can come in many forms.  Poor health, unemployment, an unhappy relationship, money worries, and yes, even a bully.  When you happen to find stress in your life, and everybody does, try to sweep it right on out the door quickly.  Turn it into a positive force, let the stress go, and take a giant leap toward healthy life balance.  A positive force.  Wellness.  Happiness.  It’s there!  Grab it!

One Response to “Stress-A Quiet Thief”

  1. Shirley Klingele September 11, 2012 at 11:57 pm #

    Wow! such power you have achieved. You are very correct on every comment in your blog re: the quiet thief. You have hit the nail on the head, and now you can take your life back, and I am so very proud of you. all that you have said is true. I have had this very experience, and also recognized it and was able to take charge of my life. I again am so very proud of you…. Keep up the good work, and do not let it enter your life again. 🙂 I love you, You are woman! 🙂 I can hear you roar, and the sound is coming thru loud and clear… 🙂 God bless you

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