Go Orange!

15 Mar

We tend to eat familiar colors. For example, most of us are really familiar with  garden or green salads.  Many of us may even eat them on a regular basis.  Variety is critical in a well balanced diet and to wellness, and green salads can be an easy way to get a variety of vegetables.

But let’s get past the green.  I have blogged about eating 5 colors a day.  Counting colors is also a great way to get a wonderful array of vitamins and minerals.  One of the reasons that variety is so important in our diet is because the pigment, or color, in food has health benefits.  The colors in the fruit and vegetables have antioxidants, as well as fiber, potassium, vitamin c and calcium.  In other words, they are loaded with nutrients.  But you already knew that, didn’t you?

Here is where I will challenge you.  Stick to salads if you must, but increase variety by adding the following to your daily intake.  Here is the rub…add in an unlikely color to your intake, that color being orange and yellow.

Sweet potatoes
Orange and yellow bell peppers

Just look at these exciting options!  So when you are grocery shopping next time, look for the orange and the yellow in your produce section.  Get outside of that comfort zone.  Think variety and spice up your life!  Now you have a list of great fruits and veggies to try, so go for it!

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