Conquering the Thieves

31 Mar

Wellness is a core value for me.  I write about it, I talk about it, I teach it to my children, but more than that, I try to live that value every day not only through words, but with actions. Living in wellness includes belief in the benefits of physical activity, confident decision making, healthy food choices, and respectful loving relationships.   Those are lofty goals, but worth pursuing.  So a life path is set.  Living the journey to good health takes a positive attitude.  A cheery disposition.  A trusting nature.   But alas, while on a course charted to good health, without warning, thieves can sneak up and steal this away.

Thieves come in many forms.  Disease.  Abuse.  Loss.  Lies.  Crisis.  Betrayal.  Death.  And these thieves have no adjectives.  Thieves cannot be quantified.  In other words, “my” thieves are not better or worse, heavier or lighter, greater or less than “your” thieves.  There is no grading  scale here.

These thieves simply come into our lives and rob.  Take.  Strip.  Without permission.  Sometimes they sneak in slowly, cleverly stealing  our well earned good health, our positive intentions, in such a subtle way that we don’t immediately notice it’s presence.  Other thieves bust through the door with no warning.  Boom!  There they are!  Either way,  these thieves ransack without license.

A thief in my life has been Betrayal.   It was a gradual and cunning thief.  I did not recognize Betrayal when it first knocked on my door.   Instead of seeing this thief quickly, it seeped in disguised, masked and misleading, and was so clever it took me years to fully recognize Betrayal.  Betrayal slowly diverted some of the energy that I would normally dedicate to wellness, and drained me like water trickling through a clogged drain.

Betrayal came to me in the form of words.  Words spoken quietly. Gentle to the ears in the beginning, gradually growing, when, at some point, a mere whisper  turned into a roar that could no longer be ignored.  That is when realization can begin to illuminate the thief known as Betrayal.  How long do thieves wield their power? That depends.

Betrayal, like other thieves, can be a resourceful thief.  It is skillfully delivered in a package that you trust.  In a package that you don’t question.  In a package that you love.  Therein lies the danger.  That is what makes Betrayal so deceptive, so deep, and so very cunning.   Betrayal isn’t visible to the eye like some disease might be.  It isn’t noticeably physical.  The suffering from this thief is internal.

Thieves hide in the shadows, so sometimes it is difficult to see them to begin the path to conquering.  Thieves must be overcome by shedding light on them.  Consider this quote from Plato “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light”.  Truth shall set you free, and acknowledging the thief begins healing.  Thieves fear the light of the truth, so exposure is a Simon Says giant step forward in overcoming the thief.  This can take some time, as does gathering up the strength to begin acknowledging the truth and shedding light on the thief.  Not always an easy task.  Difficult but not impossible.

That first Simon Says step forward results in confidence in the ability to conquer the rebel.  The force at which the thief is defeated increases, and brings us ever closer to that goal of wellness, and increases our happiness.  Put light on thieves, begin to overcome, and let wellness back in. There is incredible personal power in conquering a thief.  Go for it!

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