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The Next Meal

27 Dec

The winter chill is here to stay for a while. The great thing about cold weather is that it  ushers in the season of comfort food. Warm flavors start floating around in my head. Basil. Tomatoes. Roasted red peppers. Yes…it’s time to make some soup.

Creamy tomato basil soup was on my mind the other day, so after getting home from work I made a big bubbly pot of it from scratch. Grilled cheese sandwiches alongside the soup made a wonderful winter meal. Yummers! It was a belly warmer-perfect for a cold winter night.

Leftover soup was a treat for lunch the next day. But since I made such a big batch, the leftovers were abundant. It’s true that soup freezes beautifully. And it is so helpful on a busy weeknight to pull soup from the freezer for a meal in a snap. But this time I got creative with my soup.

One of the reasons I love leftovers is because they can become another special meal. They can stretch beyond their original purpose. So what next? A whole new meal. My savory tomato basil soup became pasta sauce.

I had some stuffed shells in the freezer. Out they came, and into a glass baking dish. My soup also came out of the fridge. I layered a bit of soup on the bottom of the baking dish. then I placed the shells on top of the soup. Then I poured the rest of the leftover tomato basil soup on top of the shells. Even though the soup was seasoned beautifully, I sprinkled some oregano on top. Tin foil covered the dish and into the oven it went.img_8370

After about 30 minutes covered, I took the tinfoil off of the dish. The shells bubbled away in the oven for another 15 minutes or so, then out it came. I cooked some veggies, and had some delicious french bread. Boom! Dinner was done. Soup to sauce to yum!

So go ahead. Embrace winter and make some soup. Then take your cream of mushroom soup and use it for sauce on your steak. Take your beer cheese soup and top a potato. Use your corn chowder to slather over some roasted root veggies. Day one: soup is dinner. Day two, soup is lunch at the office. Day three, make something spectacular!