Raising a Foodie

11 Feb

Home cooked meals have long been on my family dinner table.  My children take their lunch to school. Buying it there is not an option.  And our family supper table is typically graced by my children and their friends.  Why?

Well, for one thing, I am a good cook.  Good food, home cooking, and healthy choices are really a passion of mine.  That means that my homemade meals are typically nutritious, plentiful, and quite delicious.  I’ve been to many cooking classes in pursuit of my passion, read cookbooks, and am always nosey around a talented chef.  It is just my thing.

I just love the fellowship of cooking.  Being in the kitchen cooking up something brings friends and family close.  It is my connection, my homage to the importance of family.  Cooking, in my home, just brings us together.  This is a pretty big component the happiness of my family.

My children have an interest in food, probably because of the way I am raising them.  They also feel the joy and fellowship of creating food. My middle child, my daughter, has begun to show interest in cooking on her own. She asks questions, watches me cook, and is starting to look at recipes. She is beginning to experience the health benefits, flavors, and creativity of cooking from scratch.

And now, my youngest son is clearly a budding foodie.  He is very self sufficient, as youngest kids typically are, but he knows his palate.  He can cook.  And he is beginning to really enjoy it.

Yup. I am raising a foodie! And loving every second of it.


My son Quinn is proud of his everything bagel meatball sandwich. It smelled fantastic!

My son Quinn is proud of his everything bagel meatball sandwich. It smelled fantastic!


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