Grill and Chill

4 Aug

Summer is here and it’s steamy outsidel! That is why we are fully utilizing our grill-no need to heat up the kitchen! Not grilling? Well its time to get out there. If you need some encouragement, see my previous blogs on grilling here:

and here:

Ready to take it one step further and make a light breezy drink with a smoky grilled twist? Here we go. Grab your favorite vodka, a lemon, garden fresh basil, refreshing soda water, and let’s create a grilled summer cocktail perfect for the patio.

Being a fan of local ingredients, I picked succulent basil from my garden and chose a robust juicy Texas lemon for this drink. Also, this special vodka is from right here in Texas!

Get some simple ingredients together for a fun summer (grilled!) cocktail.

After you assemble your ingredients, fire up your grill. Let it get good and hot! Then slice your lemon. Put the slices on the grill and listen to the sizzle!

Let those lemon slices sizzle and enjoy the amazing fragrance of grilling lemons!

Grilling always produces mouth watering aromas, but this citrus is off the charts! Just look at those grill marks! That lemon is carmelizing and getting sweeter but the second.

Look at those grill marks!

Let the grill do it’s magic and head back inside for a minute. It’s time to work on the rest of this cocktail. Get a patio friendly glass out and toss in that basil. Grab a wooden spoon and muddle those leaves. Gently bruising the leaves allows the basil to release a bit of oils-a crucial step for this succulent cocktail.

Mash the basil up a bit. It will release some lovely fragrant oil.

Next, put some ice on top of the basil. Then head out to the grill and pull those grilled lemon slices off of the grill. Slip a grilled lemon slice into your glass and add a bit of vodka. A simple whiff of this cocktail imparts magnificence!

This grilled cocktail is coming together!

Top off the vodka with refreshing chilled soda water to finish off this yummy cocktail.

After your cold soda water is added, your cocktail is ready!

Your light summer cocktail is ready for sipping so head on out to the patio, get comfy in your favorite chair, and chill! This recipe is for one, but better yet make 2 so you can grab your honey to join you for a little relaxation.

It’s time to chill!

What is your favorite summer cocktail? Let your creativity run wild, get grilling and let me know what you come up with!

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