My kitchen table has high miles.  And I adore avery scratch, glass ring, and dried food spot on it!  Sitting around the kitchen table with family is joyous!  And by family, I don’t mean relatives.  I learned a long time ago that people around me that love and support me are my family.  People that I love and support also count me as a member of their family.  What a great gift that is!  Sure I have relatives…lots of them!   They are part of my family, and I love them, really I do.  But family is wider and more far reaching than just relatives.  Realizing that means that I never feel alone.  It also means that the scratches and dents on my table are to be admired and not buffed out or covered up.  Who cares what you are what is happening at that table?  Snacking on some popcorn, playing a game of cards, or having a family meal are all great ways to come together. Go ahead!  Don’t be embarrassed about that beat up kitchen table…brag about it!!


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