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Quinoa and Roasted Vegetables Part Deux

4 Oct

Oops, I did it again!  Ugh!  I don’t mean to pat myself on the back in such an obvious way.  I am having a rare moment of confidence sprinkled with a dash of sassiness!  Anywhoooo, you know I love having leftovers around.  I made quinoa and roasted veggies the other night.  I also have some fabulous leftover grilled tuna medallions from last night.  Denis and I are heading out to the JV high school football game tonight, so no time to make dinner.  No worries.  I quickly packed up a cooler to take to the game.

Here is what I made to take to the game.  I sliced up the tuna, grabbed the leftover quinoa and veggies out of the fridge, along with some tortillas.  I laid a tortilla out and slathered the quinoa and veggies on it.  Next, I piled on some leftover tuna.  The great finish was some wasabi sauce.  Hey, what can I say?  I like a good kick of heat!  Then I rolled the tortilla up and sliced it in two.

I wrapped the tortillas in parchment paper.  Wrapping them this way makes them easy to eat on the run.  Into  the cooler they went, along with an apple, an apple cutter, some bottled water, and a few cookies.  After that kick of heat a bite of something sweet is perfect, so a few cookies were a must!

Out the door we went to cheer Quinn and his JV football team on!  We were able to munch on outrageously healthy food that was ready in a quick minute.  Sure beat the bleacher pizza and nachos that others were munching on.  Have a peek at my prerolled tortilla!  Yum!  What can you do with your leftovers?

Roasted veggie and quinoa, sliced grilled tuna, and some wasabi! Rolled up, this made a perfect wrap to transport and eat on the run!

Roasted veggies and quinoa, sliced grilled tuna, and some wasabi! Rolled up, this made a perfect wrap to transport and eat on the run!


Refrigerator cook

7 Dec

I was recently called a “refrigerator cook”.  Everyone who knows me knows how much I love to cook.  I have taken oodles of cooking classes.  I have attended  all sorts of classes, from Le Cordon Bleu to local celebrity chef classes.  I have been cooking my whole life.  I love food, I love the socializing that happens around meals, I love healthy cooking, and I love bringing family together with celebrations of food.  But a refrigerator cook?  Whats that?

I am told that I have a talent for opening up the refrigerator and pantry and coming up with something fantastic.  Whether it is an appetizer or a whole meal, I seem to be able to pull something yummy together.  And I have a blast doing it.  What let to my label of being a newly crowned refrigerator cook?  Recently, it was my Saturday afternoon football watching bar food.  Here’s what happened.

After a morning of running errands, we came home hungry.  We turned on college football, and unloaded from the errands.  I looked in the fridge to see what I could throw together.  What is better than bar food for a Saturday afternoon?  I pulled out leftover chicken taco meat, cheese, flour tortillas, a can of black beans, some fresh cilantro, salsa, and sour cream.

Next, I pulled my big skillet and put it on the stove.  I warmed up the taco meat in the microwave.  While that was heating, I sliced some delicious cheese and chopped up a bit of cilantro.  I turned the burner on under the pan and sprayed it with non stick cooking spray.  Then I started layering up my quesadillas.  Meat, beans, salsa (not too much or it gets soggy), and cheese.   Into the pan it went with a medium fire under it.  I like to cook my quesadillas slowly so the cheese can really melt!

After a few moments, I took the quesadillas out of the pan and put them onto a cutting board.  They cooled for a moment, then I sliced ’em up.  I put it onto a plate, garnished it with some fresh cilantro, and added a small bit of sour cream.  Yum!  Grab a beer, and a napkin too.  Enjoy that good game with a simple and easy food!  This can also be a great after school snack, or you can add some fruit and make it a nice meal.

I like to keep staples on hand so I can always pull something out to cook quickly.  This takes planning and experience, but anyone can do it.  Now is a great time to start gaining experience!   And the only way to get experience is to get busy.  Get some extra items at the grocery store for the fridge and pantry, and you too can become a refrigerator cook!  How to stock a pantry?  Tune in next time.  I will guide you!

Saturday afternoon home made bar food!  Perfect for watching college football!

Saturday afternoon home made bar food! Perfect for watching college football!

New Traditions

28 Nov

Yes, it is holiday time.  It has individual or singular meaning to each and every person.  Is it time for crazy family get togethers?  Favorite foods?  Family politics in play?  Long drive to Aunt Gladys’ house?  Holidays mean different things to everyone, but no matter what, it evokes nostalgia.  Holidays of the past.  Traditions.  But I think everyone has holiday food traditions.

Traditional holiday food, for some, may be tied to religion or faith.  For others, it may mean sticking to what grannie made.  For me, it seems to be a mix of things.  I certainly have some expectations of getting together with family, friends and neighbors.  I also expect to have certain foods and treats around.  But does overeating and rich calorie laden foods have to do us in during our special holiday celebrations?  Absolutely not!

Start a new tradition!  Incorporate increased activity into your holiday plans!  There are a couple of ways to accomplish this new tradition.  Get creative.  Consider the ages of the folks getting together.  There are ways to every one into the fun.

Family football on Thanksgiving morning!

Have a family football game.  Go to a neighborhood park or some ones back yard.  Put everyone on a team, get some brief rules in order, and let the fun begin!  Get the grandparents a seat on the side lines and some pom poms to cheer the game on!

SCORE! And the football crowd goes wild!

Organize a family or a neighborhood Turkey Trot.  It doesn’t have to be far.  Getting together and walking/running anywhere from a few blocks to a mile or two is a blast!  Set up a little healthy snack and water stop at the turn.

Take a family walk after the big meal.  It is a wonderful time to continue the happy chatter that began at the meal.  That will keep the food moving through your system too.  It is a healthy and energizing way to end a meal, and perhaps a nice break before the desserts come out!

Have a night time bon fire.  It is such a blast to have every one gathered around a fire, the chill of the evening on your back and the heat from the fire warming the

My dad by the back yard bonfire. Drink in one hand, marshmallow in the other! Gotta love it!

front!  Grab some flashlights and let the kids have a rousing game of flashlight tag to work off that big meal!

There are so many ways to add activity to your holiday and keep your body moving!  So start a new tradition.  Add some physical activity to your holiday plans.  If your family is like mine, it will become the most talked about and cherished part of the holidays!