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Breakfast-A New Idea

19 Jun

Guess what?  I had the most wonderful breakfast this morning, and it came about quite unexpectedly. That made it all the more special!  Since it is a weekday, I enjoyed my breakfast in my office when I got to work.  Folks popped in to say good morning, I pursued my emails and began a planning a presentation I am giving at a meeting next week.  All while slowly eating my delicious breakfast.  Why did I was slowly?  Let me tell you.

Your mother was right.  Really?  Did I just say that?  Sure did.  What was mom right about?  Besides just about every thing?  (Haha!  I can say that because I am a mom, and moms enjoy being right occasionally!) Your mother was right when she saw you wolfing your food way too fast and told you to slow down.  Eating slowly really is best for you.  Why?

Chewing food, called mastication (no naughty jokes please), is an important but often rushed part of digestion.  Chewing starts saliva flowing, crucial for digestion, and can strengthen the jaw muscles.  Also, the “full” signal to your brain takes about 20 minutes, so chewing and swallowing slowly means being more in tune with your “fullness” signals.  In other words, that helps in natural portion control.  Fullness is actually two fold: the stomach fills and the brain signals fullness.  Best to have those working in tandem and eating slowly helps that process stay more aligned with one another.

Its easy to see why eating fast can mean eating more.  But there is another compelling reason to eat more slowly.  It can quiet the mind.  You can actually feel more relaxed and satisfied with your meal if you partake in mindful eating.  To savor your food and better enjoy your dining companions, slow down.

But let’s get back to the weekday morning breakfast that I was slowly enjoying in my office.  When leaving for work, I grabbed some leftover quinoa, blueberries, and greek yogurt out of the fridge.  I went ahead and mixed them together for a powerhouse breakfast.  It was delicious!  Nutrient dense, low calorie, and loaded with flavor and texture.  And I ate it slowly…

Blueberries and quinoa.  A great start...

Blueberries and quinoa. A great start…

Then I tossed them into my yogurt.  It was super yummy!

Then I tossed them into my yogurt. It was super yummy!


Ups and Downs

29 Jul

“Accept that some days you are the pigeon, and some days you are the statue”.

We all have our ups and our downs. And both are necessary to keep things in perspective. After all, we could not appreciate the sunshine without the rain! But some days it is difficult to see the sun through the rain.

Some days are jam packed, and it can seem impossible to get ahead. Other days it feels like a bull’s eye is on us. No matter what kind of day it is, though, I try to focus on the positive things. I think keeping a healthy mind and spirit are critical to wellness, and wellness is an important value of mine.

As a mother, I think it is super important to keep healthy as a good role model for the children. As a manager, a positive attitude is critical for keeping a team running well. As a woman, we are a role model for many and must put ourselves first in order to serve others in a nurturing role. That may sound counterintuitive, but let’s face it. No one will give us permission to put ourselves first. We need to take that initiative in order to keep balanced.

Focusing on the positive is a good way to keep a cool vibe, a healthy spirit, a good attitude. That is critical for a happy life. I don’t remember who said these wise words, but it sure works: “If you aren’t happy, fake it, and before you know it you have convinced yourself that you are happy”. It also brings to mind one of my favorite Dilbert quotes, so noted above.

We all have days when we feel like the statue. But if we complain, we remain. We must rise above it. Mind over matter. Central to wellness. Balance. And happiness.