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Girls can Grill!

27 Aug



Girls can grill. And very well I might add. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Many folks think that grilling is a guy thing. I beg to differ! Not only do I grill a lot, so does my sister.

As is true for most things, my sister and I have very different (read opposite) methodology and philosophy in life. It is something we marvel over. It truly delights us. Raised by the same parents in the same house going to the same schools and having the same brothers, we couldn’t be more different. And we love it. Predictably, same goes for our grilling.

My sister and I conflict (agreeably) with one another on grilling techniques even when making the same thing. For ease and timeliness (I live in a perpetual state of whirling dervish mode…) I use a gas grill. It’s quick to start, temperature management is a no brainer, and it is easy to clean.

So while I go to my gas grill for speed and control, my sister goes full on charcoal grill. I say that with envy. She has WAY more patience than I do when it comes to the finesse of grilling, and she can really rock the charcoal grill.

On to the brats!  They are a grilling favorite. Let’s compare and contrast, shall we? I start cooking my brats in beer and onions on the stovetop. A bit ordinary but the outcome is delish. My sister, on the other hand, starts hers on the grill. With beer. And onions. And buttuh!  Nothing ordinary about that!


When the brats are cooked through and have beer and onion deliciousness wrapped around them, they go onto the grill. A gas grill for me-charcoal for my sister. She usually tosses some good hot dogs on a s well. Hey-we are german, so why not load up on the sausages! Look at those grill marks!


On to finishing the grilled brats. Again my sister and I express core philosophical brat differences. We disagree on sauerkraut, but we also differ with our buns and mustard, My buns are lightly toasted, hers are not. And my mustard is yellow. Hers is dijon. And she loads those succulent tender onions on her brats as well.


My sweet Denis sides with my sister here (in homage to family peace). He is all about the dijon mustard with his brats. But not me. Out of sheer pride I won’t even entertain a dijon mustard option here.

So here you have it. A grilling story.  With very different techniques-but all with great outcomes. So gals, go get a grill and fire it up. Let me know what you are grilling and remember, girls can grill!


When In Rome…

31 Jul

Coworkers in the office were talking one day about a local, and quite beloved  burger place that had been in the community for as long as they could remember.  They were lamenting about not having eaten there lately.  It was time to think about going there for lunch soon.  I had never heard of it.  So……. always one for a culinary adventure, I was drawn in (okay, I butted into) the conversation.  I am a fan of any cuisine and always willing to try something new, but the food was not what drew my attention.  It was the beverage of choice that piqued my interest.  It was the Witch Doctor.

What in the world?  Witch Doctor?  “Oh yes, it is delicious!”  Erica and Lisa, two coworkers, stated with emphasis.  “In fact, now my mouth is watering for a witch doctor” Erica said.  Okay, now I was hooked.  I had to score an invitation to have lunch at this local institution.  I am not one to hint, so I just flat out asked (and would have resorted to begging if necessary) if I could come a long the next time they went to “Whataburger number 10 in Midway”.  Midway, by the way, is a locale, not a town.  So much to learn!

A few days later, Erica announced that today was the day that we were going to Whataburger number 10 for lunch.  I could hardly wait!  A warning though…they only accept cash.  I immediately dashed off to my office, relieved to find $11.00 cash in my wallet (as the mom of 3 kids, readily available cash is a hot commodity!).  Whew.  That was enough money for the requisite burger, fries, and witch doctor.  I could go along.

At one o’clock, off we went to Whataburger number 10 in Midway.  I was so excited and could hardly stand it.  It did not disappoint.  Whataburger number 10 is an old fashioned drive in restaurant, but there is seating inside too.  We went in.  The large menu posted on the wall listed all food and beverage.  A quick scan of the menu, and I zeroed in on what I was looking for.  The witch doctor.

Local drive in, Whataburger number 10 in Midway, as it is fondly referred to by local folks.

Local drive in, Whataburger number 10 in Midway, as it is fondly referred to by local folks.

Here goes.  What is a witch doctor?  It is listed on the menu, which makes it totally legit.  It is a mixture of all of the different sodas from the soda fountain. But that’s not it.  It is topped off with a dose of dill pickle slices.  Yup.  Pickles.  So how was it?

And here it is.  The long anticipated Witch Doctor.

And here it is. The long anticipated Witch Doctor.

Here is the soda fountain.  Of course hailing from Chicago, I call it pop, but in North Carolina, this is soda.  When in Rome...

Here is the soda fountain. Of course hailing from Chicago, I call it pop, but in North Carolina, this is soda. When in Rome…











Okay...so here I go.  My first with doctor...the excitement is building...

Okay…so here I go. My first witch doctor…the excitement is building..

Slurp!  Delish!

Slurp! Delish!










It was yummy. What went along with my witch doctor?  A cheeseburger and tater sticks.  Man oh man, it was good.   I do not usually eat a lunch like this as I typically brown bag it.  Whataburger was a fabulous splurge.

Tasting local food (even when it’s a newly discovered place close to home) is crucial to life experiences.  A true pleasure. Always a must when the opportunity presents itself.  It is also a fun to “photocdoc” the experience (thanks Miranda!).  As I always say…when in Rome do like the Romans.  And when in Kannapolis North Carolina, grab a witch doctor!